Where Does Petco Get Their Animals?

Where Does Petco Get Their Animals

Ever wonder from where Petco get their animals? You’re not alone! A lot of people are curious about this.

Do they get them from local shelters? Do breeders supply the animals? Or do they import animals from other countries?

Stop wondering! We are here to answer all your questions.

Where Does Petco Get Their Animals?

It’s a bit of a mix, to be honest. Some come from good old-fashioned pet stores (the kind with the puppies in the window).

In contrast, others come from by-the-pound places where you can get any type of animal for low prices.

Similarly, some animals come from breeders. Petco also has its own “adoption center,” which takes in animals from shelters.

So basically, Petco buys/gets animals from anywhere they can get them cheaply and in bulk.

Where Does Petco Get Their Reptiles?

Petco gets its reptiles from a variety of places. Some animals come from breeders, some are rescued, and others are surplus animals from zoos.

Some of their reptile sources are given below:

●    California Zoological Supply

●    Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation (C.R.A.P.), Texas

●    Sandfire

They also work with Animal Rescue Organizations to help find homes for homeless pets.

Where Does Petco Get Their Ferrets?

Petco does not specify where their ferrets come from. But given that most ferrets come from large-scale breeds, Petco will likely get them from the same place. 

Some sources say that Petco gets the ferrets supply from Marshalls Ferrets. It is one of the largest ferret breeders in the U.S.

If you’re looking for a new pet, consider adopting a rescue instead of buying one from a store or breeder.

Where Does Petco Get Their Cats?

Most of Petco’s cats come from animal shelters and rescue organizations. 

As they said, the company partners with more than 3,000 shelters nationwide. Together, they help more than 400,000 animals find homes each year.

In addition to working with local animal shelters, Petco also has several initiatives aimed at helping reduce the population of homeless animals across the United States.

These include a program that donates a portion of all food sales to animal welfare organizations.

Where Does Petco Get Their Dogs?

Petco gets its dogs from a variety of places. Some are rescued from shelters, breeders donate some, and others are bought from Puppy Mills.

Petco has a company that is called Petco Love. This company works with many rescue shelters and breeders to find dogs and collect them at their stores.

They take proper care of these puppies and vaccinate them. In the end, someone adopts these animals rather than buy them.

If you want to add a furry friend to your family, please consider adopting rather than buying from a pet store.

Where Does Petco Get Birds?

To our knowledge, Petco birds typically come from extensive commercial breeding facilities. 

These breeding facilities often mass-produce animals for the pet trade and sell them to retailers like Petco.

While we can’t speak for all Petco stores, birds sold at your local store come from one of these commercial breeders.

Where Does Petco Get Rats From?

There are a few different ways that Petco might get rats. One way is to breed them themselves. 

Another way is to get them from other suppliers who breed them. Barney’s Pets and Fish Mart are some famous companies that breed rats.

Plus, they also get them from people who find abandoned rats and bring them to the store.

Where Does Petco Get Rabbits From?

Some rabbits are bred and raised specifically for sale in pet stores.

At the same time, others may be rescued from shelters or under some unfortunate circumstances.

Like cats and dogs, Petco also has a Petco Love program for rabbits. Here, they work with breeders and rescuers to find the lost rabbits and help them.

Where Does Petco Get Guinea Pigs?

There are a variety of ways that Petco can get animals like guinea pigs.

Sometimes, farmers will have baby animals they need to find good homes. They’ll sell them to places like Petco.

Other times, breeders will bring in animals specifically to sell at stores. And sometimes, people who can’t take care of their pets will bring them to Petco or shelters.

Here, the staff will try to find the animal a new home. Some famous names that breed pigs for Petco include Fish Mart and Barney’s Pets.

Where Does Petco Get Fish?

The first thing to know is that Petco partners with suppliers who operate Mariculture facilities. These suppliers have strict standards for the care and handling of their fish.

So, you can be sure that your new pet comes from a trustworthy source.

Similarly, Petco also buys fish from Segrest Farms and Fish Mart. In fact, Segrest Farms sells tropical freshwater fish.

Does Petco Sell Animals?

Yes, Petco does sell animals, but not all the critters are for sale. They only sell small rodents like rabbits and rats or marine animals like fish. 

Otherwise, they have adopted policies for their animals rather than selling them.

Other than that, they sell almost every kind of animal food, supplies, and medicines.

Final Verdict:

Concluding, Petco has a relatively big circle of companies from which they get animals. They buy pets from breeders, mills, rescue teams, and other people.

Similarly, they have a Petco Love program with only one purpose; to find lost pets and give them proper care.

In the end, Petco has its breed farms where the animals are provided proper care.

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