What Does IKEA Sell? Know Their Sales Schedule

Modern living spaces revolve around minimalistic designs and compact spaces.

Suitable furnishing for our living space adds to the convenience and beauty of our house.

So, how does one craft his dream house on a budget? Where does one find the right pieces to go with his idea? At IKEA, of course. 

Keep reading to discover what does IKEA sell?

What Does IKEA Sell?

What Does IKEA Sell

IKEA typically sells home improvement products to customers at all stores and online. IKEA takes pride in having an inventory of different designs and sizes of sets for furnishing a place.

The collection extends to:

  • living room sets
  • bedroom sets
  • bathroom kits
  • home office sets
  • outdoor essentials

You can also find accessories for furniture. These include:

  • Cabinet Hinges
  • Knobs & Handles
  • Drawer Dampers
  • Functional Appliance Units

So, IKEA serves as a one-stop solution to improve your place.

When Does IKEA Go on Sale?

IKEA holds bi-annual and holiday sales at all its stores and online.

According to records, IKEA holds its sales for a week. These happen around Mid-June and Mid-December.

In addition to multiple Kitchen Sales, IKEA also holds sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, New Year, etc.

IKEA usually starts its sales a few days ahead of the actual events. These sales often overlap with holidays like the 4th of July and Christmas.

If you are connected with IKEA through the mail, you can be informed about the sales schedules exclusively.

Does IKEA Sell Anything Other Than Furniture?

Yes, IKEA also sells lighting, home textiles, tools, kitchenware, home appliances, and home décor.

Our preferred convenience items at IKEA include smart systems, cable management accessories, oils, and stains.

How can we not mention the infamous IKEA meatballs? To your surprise, IKEA has a great menu of seafood, vegetarian, sweet, and savory foods.

You can also find colorful décor as paintings, pots, pet products, indoor greenery, outdoor grills, and scented candles.

So, go to your nearest IKEA and shop for a wide range of spruces for your patio.

Is IKEA Cheaper?

Yes, IKEA is among the cheapest, quality options for all its customers looking to improve their lodgment on a budget.

The store occasionally marks its items in yellow online. This shows lower or reduced prices.

IKEA members also get exclusive discounts and vouchers in their mail. They can use these at their local stores.

These include $5 off a $40 purchase. Also, these discounts can be exclusive to specific sections.

The furniture store is even cheaper for holders of the IKEA Family Card. These include offers that slash prices as a percentage of total costs.

IKEA’s As-is section carries slightly damaged or defective products at minimal rates! You can get great deals here.

What Makes IKEA Products Unique?

IKEA’s sustainable designs with excellent quality at the lowest prices make it unique.

Besides the compact yet spacious storage pieces and innovative Swedish designs, the brand makes your trip into an experience.

The furniture from IKEA does not come assembled either. It is a fun activity to assemble! The Price Adjustment for sold items also makes it a feasible store.

So, IKEA gives you a 90-day window after purchase to claim a difference if the article you purchased goes on sale.

What is IKEA Christmas Sale Schedule?

IKEA’s year-end Christmas Sale begins at the start of December and continues until Christmas Eve.

The last Christmas Sale at IKEA was held between the 1st and 24th of December.

This year, the sale is expected to be around the exact dates. You can get exclusive discounts around this time if you are an IKEA member. 

The Christmas Sale applies to the VINTERFINT collection. 

Lights, plush rugs, gift wrap rolls, LED Wreath and LED Lanterns are all discounted heavily for the festive season.

In addition to this, IKEA holds an after-Christmas Sale as well. Read our detailed blog on Christmas decorations items at IKEA.

Where Does IKEA Get Its Products?

IKEA’s production units lie in Asian Countries where they strive to move towards more sustainable practices.

Currently, IKEA’s major manufacturing point is China. It accounts for manufacturing 22% of IKEA’s entire range.

Swedish designs are brought to life in India, Vietnam, and Indonesia workshops.

The store sells the same products in all of the countries it operates in.

Over 9500 products come from the anchored workshops in flat packaging. This makes the labor costs go down.

All Acacia at IKEA comes from local owners and provides sustainable income to them. 98% of the Timber comes from recycled material.

How Many Coupons Can You Use At IKEA?

You can only use one coupon per transaction at IKEA at any of its store locations and online.

Moreover, the IKEA store limits you from using these coupons for IKEA Swedish Food Market, IKEA Bistro, IKEA Gift Cards, IKEA Café, etc.

You are also excluded from services with this.

Similarly, for your birthday, IKEA members get a $10 coupon which they can use only once.

When I tried to use my coupon at IKEA Netherlands, I was able to get the equivalent of $10 off my purchase.

What Is the Best Day To Shop At IKEA?

IKEA employees recommend visiting the store on either a Tuesday, a Wednesday, or a Thursday.

If you are looking to browse through the “As-is” section, you might have to hustle and tussle a bit on a Monday.

Store managers claim that an average customer spends 2 hours in the store.

So, visiting IKEA on the weekend will dampen your experience. You will be overwhelmed by the crowd.

Do IKEA Employees Get A Discount?

Yes, employees at IKEA are eligible for a 15% Co-worker Discount in stores and online at the store.

This extends to all collections. Some workers even use it to benefit their immediate and extended family.

They can even use voucher codes to get additional discounts online. The profile presents a prompt to fill in additional boxes to do so.

Does IKEA Offer Student Discounts?

Yes, IKEA occasionally holds student-centric promotions and discounts before the university term begins.

Note that IKEA has no formal procedures or calendar dates for student discounts. Instead, it is a short-lived situation convenient to students.

Lastly, in the UK, students can get a waiver of £10 on purchasing £75 or more in-store or online.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, IKEA sells living space improvement products. These include furniture, food, décor, and other accessories.

We love IKEA because the store sells innovative designs at affordable prices.

The store extends exclusive discounts to IKEA members in addition to scheduled sales.

You can get an employee and Student discount at IKEA with high restrictions. Lastly, remember you can only use one coupon per transaction!

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