Does Wawa Sell Propane? Is It Better Than Gas?

Does Wawa Sell Propane

Yes, Wawa offers propane tank exchange services at most of its locations. This service was recently started by the popular convenience chain.

Now, it is available at most of its gas stations. However, Wawa does not refill propane tanks. You can only get your tank exchanged for a new one.

While many people think Wawa also refills propane, that is not the case. It can be a bummer that you have to buy a new one. But there are some benefits. Let’s dig deeper into this subject and learn more about Wawa’s offering!

How Much Does It Cost to Fill Up a Propane Tank at Wawa Gas Station?

Unfortunately, you can not fill up your propane tank at the Wawa gas station. But it costs about $3.70 per gallon with a $14.39 refill cost for 20lb.

As mentioned earlier, Wawa is not offering to refill your propane tank. You can get this service from several other gas stations, including Ace Hardware, Costco, Tractor, U-Haul, and AmeriGas.

However, the prices for filling propane tanks are pretty standard. They depend on the tank size, starting from $3.70 per gallon. Wawa’s prices may vary as they only exchange propane tanks.

Is It Cheaper to Use Gas or Propane?

Propane is significantly more expensive than gas, but it is cost-effective overall. Why? Because we found the gas burns way faster.

Using propane may seem expensive at first. However, it does not burn as fast as natural gas. Let’s say you have two 20-gallon tanks.

Fill one with natural gas and the other with propane. You will find that propane will stay twice as long as gas.

That is why it is better to opt for propane. It may seem more pricey than natural gas, but it stays longer. Hence, this factor makes it a better option for your budget.

Which Lasts Longer, Gas or Propane?

Propane lasts longer than gas. Natural gas burns faster, making it a less-efficient option.

Propane is also a clean-burning fuel. On the other hand, gas can harm the environment. Not only does it burns faster than propane, but gas is also an unstable option.

That’s because it degrades over time. But that’s not the case with propane. It remains stable, making it more effective than gasoline.

If we calculate the cubic foot of both propane and natural gas, we get the following:

  • 1 cubic foot of gas = 1,030 BTUs
  • 1 cubic foot of propane = 2,516 BTUs.

How Does Wawa Propane Exchange Work?

Wawa exchanges propane tanks in-store and with home delivery. We found both options to be equally convenient.

First, let’s talk about the home delivery method. You have to contact Wawa and give them your address. Online orders via the Wawa website are accepted.

You will get a new propane tank delivered to your doorstep. The workers will also take away your old one in exchange.

The second method is to head to a Wawa store or gas station. But you will have to bring your old propane tank. Once you request an exchange, they will hand you the new tank.

This service is available at almost all Wawa locations at the cashier desk. Note that you will have to pay a certain fee for both methods.

Is It Cheaper to Fill or Exchange a Propane Tank?

We found filling a propane tank to be certainly cheaper than exchanging one. While the difference is not that major, it is about $1.76.

Note that many stores do not fill propane tanks, like Wawa. Hence, you have to opt for the exchange option. It can cost you anywhere between $5 to $6.49.

In contrast, filling a tank costs about $3 – $4. The latter is certainly a cheaper option, if available.

Are Propane Tanks Full When You Buy Them?

Yes, propane tanks do come full when you buy them. But our team also found some stores that sell slightly unfilled tanks.

The difference is not negligible, though. You can also weigh a tank at home. If you notice the difference between the sold-by weight, it is better to return it to the store.

That is why keeping the original receipt can come in quite handy. You can easily request a return at any retailer if you have it.

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To Sum Up

And that closes our discussion on propane at Wawa. The store does offer to exchange tank services. However, you can not refill your old tanks. The only solution is to exchange them for new ones.

This service is available at most Wawa stores and gas stations. But it is still better to contact your nearest location beforehand to inquire about this service’s availability.

Another benefit is that you can also order a propane tank online for home delivery. It is equally convenient, if not more.

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