Does Wawa Sell Lottery Tickets in 2023?

Does Wawa Sell Lottery Tickets

Lotto is fantastic fun. Many people invest their money in lottery tickets every day, and some even win prizes. There are several ways to purchase lottery tickets.

In most states, you can buy them from a licensed store or an office selling state-run products and services.

But have you heard about purchasing lottery tickets online from a store like Wawa?

Now the question is, does Wawa sell lottery tickets? In this article, we will discuss it. Continue reading!

Does Wawa Sell Lottery Tickets?

Yes, Wawa sells lottery tickets inside the store. Stationary vending machines do it.

You can purchase tickets for number games, like Pick Six, Mega Millions, and Powerball. You can also get scratch-off tickets at Wawa.

The current selection includes Hot Shot Jackpot and Match 5 Millionaire. These are all state lottery games run by the Pennsylvania Lottery, New Jersey Lottery, and Connecticut Lottery.

The machines accept coins and bills if you want to buy a scratch ticket or an instant game ticket.

Does Wawa Sell Lottery Tickets in Florida?

Yes, Wawa sells lottery tickets in Florida.

Wawa has a partnership with Florida Lottery Officials to purchase lottery tickets in Florida. You can find various instant win games at Wawa locations throughout Florida.

These include scratch-off games like Cash, Triple Play, and Million Cash Extravaganza. You can also buy instant win tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions games at any Wawa location in the state.

Moreover, you can buy mega million games from any authorized retailer in Florida.

These tickets are available at selected locations, so checking if your local Wawa has them before making a trip down to the store is essential.

Does Wawa Sell Lottery Tickets in N.J.?

Yes, Wawa sells lottery tickets in N.J.

Wawa has partnered with New Jersey to sell lottery tickets at its stores. The partnership was established in November 2013 and has been selling lottery tickets for the state since then.

It is one of the many states that have partnered with Wawa to sell lottery tickets.

It is easy to buy from these machines as they are located at every store, and it is also easy to pay using your debit or credit card.

The convenience of buying from these machines makes them popular among people who wish to play their luck on winning some money back after paying their bills at Wawa stores.

Some other stores to buy lottery tickets:

Does Wawa Sell Lottery Tickets in Pa?

Yes, Wawa sells lottery tickets in Pennsylvania.

There are Wawa locations all over Pennsylvania. Lottery tickets can only be sold at retailers licensed; make sure you buy from trusted retailers.

If you’re buying from a gas station or another company, you’re likely not purchasing tickets from a licensed retailer, and your chances of winning may be compromised.

You can buy up to 4 scratch-off tickets at any time; if you’re lucky, go ahead and purchase more, but note that they can only be scratched inside the store.

Also, if you’re going to be in Pennsylvania for a few days, you can stop by one of the state’s lottery retail centers, where you’ll find more extensive game options such as drawing-based games and raffles.

Does Wawa Cash Lottery Tickets?

Yes, Wawa cash lottery tickets.

The Pennsylvania Lottery Play Central Terminal (PCT) allows players to cash their winning lottery tickets.

Players can enjoy Wawa Cash Lottery Tickets by visiting most of the Wawa convenience stores in Pennsylvania.

How Do You Buy Lottery Tickets in Florida?

Florida has a few different ways that you can purchase lottery tickets.

  • The first is to go to any one of the many lottery retailers in the state. These locations sell both scratch-off and draw-style lottery tickets. To ensure that you aren’t buying a fraudulent passport, it is always a good idea to check the retailer’s I.D. card and ask them where they are authorized to sell tickets.
  • The second way to buy lottery tickets is through the Florida Lottery’s mobile app. This application allows you to purchase tickets from your phone or tablet anytime.
  • The third way to buy lottery tickets is by mail through the official Florida Lottery website. You have the option of prepaid fill-out slips or instant online play, depending on what kind of game you want to play.

What Time Can You Buy Lottery Tickets in Florida?

If you are in Florida and want to buy tickets in a hurry, you can visit the 6-Eleven store.

It opens at 6 am, and it’s not uncommon for people to start lining up there well before. Moreover, you can purchase lottery tickets from 6 am to 11 pm.

But if you are going to participate in a lucky draw on draw day, you must buy the lotto ticket before 7.30 pm.

Two draw days a week, Wednesday and Saturday, occur according to Eastern Time at 11:15 pm.

You should purchase the ticket before 10:40 pm eastern time on the draw day.

Does Wawa Sell Powerball Tickets?

Yes, Wawa sells Powerball tickets in N.J. and Florida.

In New Jersey, you can buy tickets from a lottery ticket machine at any Wawa location. In Florida, you can only purchase tickets at select locations.

If you live in either state or want to play the lottery, follow this guide on buying Powerball tickets at Wawa now!

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Wawa does sell lottery tickets, and that is worth celebrating. The convenience store aims to improve the lives of its customers, and its lottery ticket efforts now include every state in the U.S.

It’s a win-win situation, where players can conveniently get their tickets from a local source—and hopefully keep more money in their pockets by not traveling as far.

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