Does Wawa Sell Ice in 2023?

Does Wawa Sell Ice

Ice can be used in many recipes. Whether making smoothies or juices, you would require frosted ice.

Additionally, it is also used for curing minor injuries and wounds. In short, having ice in your home is always a great idea.

But you can certainly run out of ice at some point. And, you might be thinking of buying from a nearby store. Luckily gas stations can save your day!

As far as convenience stores are concerned, Wawa is an unparalleled name. Does Wawa sell ice? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Wawa Sell Ice?

Yes, Wawa does sell ice in the majority of its locations. You can buy both cubed and crushed ice in different quantities.

Generally, you will find ice in freezers located outside Wawa stores.

However, some stores do have them inside at the back. Additionally, you can buy cold soda, drinks, iced tea, juices, and milk from Wawa.

Does Wawa Have Bags of Ice?

Generally, Wawa sells bagged ice only. You can find 5, 7, and 20 pounds of ice bags from Wawa stores.

As of 2022, the most popular option is the Configure ice bag of 7 pounds. It costs $5.00 per pack and is available in all Wawa locations.

How Much is a Bag of Ice at Wawa?

A 7-lb Configure ice bag costs $5.00 at Wawa.

Generally, the price and availability vary from Wawa store to store. Plus, the price also depends on the size of the bag. For instance, a 20-lb bag costs around $10-15.

Does Wawa Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Wawa does sell dry ice but only in selected stores.

Although Wawa has nearly 1000 stores on East Coast, not every location has dry ice.

It is better to contact your nearest store to ask whether they have this product or not.

You can talk to them via the Wawa store locator on its official website.

Does Wawa Sell Crushed Ice?

Yes, you can buy crushed ice from Wawa.

Generally, most Wawa stores only sell bags of crushed ice. Hence, the bags you see online on Wawa’s website or mobile application likely contain crushed ice.

However, Wawa also sells cubed ice in some stores.

Does Wawa Sell Ice Cream?

Yes, Wawa has a wide variety of ice cream in its stores.

Wawa has its own brand of ice cream. It is available in a large selection of flavors.

That includes mint chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cup, butter pecan, vanilla bean, cookies n cream, moose tracks, and many more.

However, some flavors are not available in all Wawa stores. In fact, their official website states that the varieties available may vary from store to store.

Does Wawa Sell Vegan Ice Cream?

Unfortunately, Wawa does not sell vegan ice cream in any location.

However, all ice cream at Wawa is labeled as rbST-free. It means that the milk is extracted from cows who have not been treated with recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST).

Does Wawa Sell Ice Drinks?

Yes, Wawa does sell ice and frozen beverages in all of its stores.

Iced tea at Wawa is quite popular. Other than that, you will find frozen cappuccinos, smoothies, milkshakes, flurricanes, and drink mashups.

Wawa has its own line of drinks, known as Fresh First. It offers variously frozen and bottled beverages.

As claimed by Wawa, they make these drinks fresh in their stores.

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Are you ready to tackle summer? Well, don’t forget that Wawa can be your excellent partner this season. They have ice that can come in quite handy.

You can buy crushed and cubed ice bags at your nearest Wawa store. If you don’t like waiting, you can opt for the pickup option.

Almost all products can be selected for pickup via the Wawa website and mobile application.

This way, you do not have to worry about buying more ice. And, did we mention Wawa’s variety of premium ice cream flavors?

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