Does Wawa Sell Hot Dogs?

Does Wawa Sell Hot Dogs

“Does Wawa sell hot dogs?” This question must have come to your mind if you ever go to Wawa shopping.

Wawa is a convenience store in the US. They also offer things like food and beverages for their customers. So, in this guide, we’ll look at Wawa’s hot dogs and sandwiches services.

Plus we’ll also try to find out whether they have corned beef or not. Be with us to know more.

Does Wawa Sell Hot Dogs?

Yes, Wawa sells hot dogs. However, their availability may vary area-wise.

Most of the time, they use all-beef hot dogs provided by Ball Berks Dogs. Regarding the price, the smallest serving, also called Loss Leader, costs around $1.50.

Wawa hot dogs are pretty good and come in various servings and packaging. In addition, remember one thing. Hot dogs are not listed on their website.

They are either available in The Secret Menu, or you can get them by asking any of their employees.

In addition, you might also like to know if Wawa has Milkshakes or whether Wawa sells Heavy Cream.

Are Wawa Hot Dogs Beef?

Yep, Wawa hot dogs are made of beef. In fact, they are all beef hot dogs offered by Ball Berks Dogs.

The average calorie count of an all-beef hot dog is 250 cal per serving. They can be pretty nutritious for a person unless he is underweight.

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How Does Wawa Cook Their Hot Dogs?

Yes, Wawa cooks their hot dogs. At some stores, they use ovens, while at others, they have roller grills for cooking.

Plus, these cooked dogs are delivered in a hot box, a type of warm box that keeps the hot dog fresh and hot for up to 3 hours.

However, if you are not interested in getting a cooked hot dog, you can also prepare it in your home in an air fryer. It tastes the same as that of a cooked hot dog at Wawa.

What is the Most Popular Sandwich at Wawa?

One of the most popular types of sandwiches at Wawa is stacked sandwiches. Other sandwiches include club sandwiches, hoagies, and deli sandwiches.

You can also find more varieties like turkey, beef, tuna, and chicken sandwiches in these sections.

However, you can’t get the sandwiches mentioned above at every Wawa branch. For example, the classic Italian Hoagie is available only in Cape May, New Jersey.

Does Wawa Have Corned Beef?

Yes, Wawa offers corned beef. It comes in a pack with a weight of 179 grams and 390 calories.

You can also order it online via their mobile application or Uber Eats. Plus, you can buy corned beef by visiting your nearest store.

Additionally, the availability also varies area-wise. Therefore, it is better to give a call before making any physical appearance.

Does Wawa Sell Hot Dog Buns?

Wawa has hot dog buns, but they don’t offer them separately. They are sold as burgers with hot dogs in them.

However, you can buy hot dog buns from any nearby supermarket. In our area, we can buy buns from AH Koningsplein in Amsterdam.

Does Wawa Sell Raw Hot Dogs?

Yes, you can buy pre-cooked hot dogs from Wawa and have them cooked at home. Again, this service is not available in all of their stores.

Give a call to your nearest Wawa store to know more.


Wawa offers hot dogs as well as sandwiches. In fact, they have a good variety of these items.

Plus, they also offer corned beef at their outlets. You can get them delivered to their doorstep via their mobile app or Uber Eats.

Hope this guide will help you. Got any questions? Let us know so that we can clear up your confusion.

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