Does Wawa Sell Cat & Dog Food?

Welcome, fellow pet lovers! Today, we’re going to answer some popular questions regarding Wawa and its pet product offerings. Many of you have been asking if Wawa sells cat food, dog food, and other pet-related items.

So, let’s dive in and explore what this popular convenience store has to offer for our furry friends.

Does Wawa Sell Cat Food?

Does Wawa Sell Cat Food

Yes, Wawa does sell cat food. However, the selection is limited compared to a dedicated pet store or supermarket. You may find a few popular brands like Purina and Whiskas but don’t expect to find a wide variety of specialized or high-quality options.

For a more comprehensive selection, check out Wawa’s grocery offerings instead.

Does Wawa Sell Cat Litter?

Unfortunately, Wawa does not sell cat litter. If you need to stock up on this essential item, you’ll have to visit a pet store or a larger grocery store.

On the other hand, Wawa does sell some household items, so you might still find other essentials for your home.

Does Wawa Sell Cat Treats?

Again, the answer is yes. Wawa does carry cat treats, albeit with a limited variety. You might find a few options from well-known brands like Temptations or Greenies.

However, if you’re looking for a wider range of treats or specific dietary options, you’re better off visiting a pet store.

Does Wawa Sell Dog Food?

Does Wawa Sell Dog Food

Similar to their cat food selection, Wawa does sell dog food. You can find a few popular brands like Pedigree and Iams, but the variety is limited. If you need a specific type of dog food or have a preferred brand, you might want to visit a dedicated pet store or supermarket.

For more general shopping needs, take a look at Wawa’s grocery selection.

Does Wawa Have Dog Treats?

Yes, Wawa does offer dog treats.

However, you’ll only find a limited selection from well-known brands like Milk-Bone and Purina. If you’re searching for a wider variety of special dietary options, a dedicated pet store would be a better choice.


Although Wawa does carry some pet products, customers have mentioned a few drawbacks on various forums:

  1. Limited selection: As mentioned earlier, Wawa’s pet product selection is limited compared to dedicated pet stores and larger supermarkets.
  2. Limited availability: Some customers have reported that not all Wawa locations carry pet products, so the availability might vary.
  3. Higher prices: Wawa’s prices for pet products can be slightly higher than those found in larger stores.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while Wawa does carry some basic pet products, like cat food, cat treats, dog food, and dog treats, it’s not the ideal place to find a wide variety of specialized options.

If you’re in a pinch or just need to grab something quickly, Wawa might work for you. But for a better selection and potentially lower prices, you may want to visit a dedicated pet store or supermarket.

Don’t forget to check out some of the other interesting products Wawa offers, such as flowers, and gift cards.

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