Does Walmart Take WIC? Yes!

Does Walmart Take WIC

WIC offers benefits for low-income families. They can benefit from it to get household essentials at a lower price.

Today, almost all major stores and supermarkets accept WIC. In this category, Walmart is the most popular name.

With stores in several countries, Walmart has made an undefeatable mark. But does Walmart take WIC?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Does Walmart Take WIC?

Yes, Walmart does take WIC at most of its locations in 2022. You can use WIC benefits if you are a participant in its program.

Note that WIC is not eligible for all items. Generally, it covers household essentials, food, and beverages. But even these categories may be limited.

You can use the WIC card during checkout. Walmart also accepts WIC for self-checkout in most locations.

Do you not know how to use it? Well, start by separating the WIC-eligible items. Use the card to pay for them.

Now, pay for the non-eligible items afterward. And, you are all set!

How do you use WIC on the Walmart app?

Currently, WIC is not available for shopping online from Walmart.

That said, Walmart did announce a WIC pilot run for its online store. Originally, it was decided only for stores in Massachusetts and Washington.

The test was planned to see the possible results by integrating WIC online. Although it was set to start in 2022, there’s no update yet.

Does Walmart take WIC in NJ?

Yes, New Jersey does fall into the approved states by WIC. Hence, you can use it while shopping at Walmart.

Other than WIC, New Jersey is also approved for SNAP. Hence, you can use EBT and food stamps in Walmart locations.

The NJ health web page shows a detailed list of all approved states. You can view all Walmart locations near you.

Can I use WIC online in Florida?

Yes, Florida is a part of the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program.

Florida is one of the few countries that allow online payment with WIC. You can use it on eligible items.

Can you use WIC online in Texas?

Yes, you can use WIC online in Texas as of 2022.

You can use it for online payment if you are a WIC participant. However, not many stores accept this payment option online as of 2022.

Hence, it is better to rely on physical stores for WIC benefits.

Can I order WIC food online in California?

Absolutely! You can order WIC food online in California.

California became part of the WIC program and integrated this option online in 2020. Today, you can shop from various participating stores and earn benefits from WIC.

Originally, this decision was taken to prevent the Covid-19 spread as much as possible.

Can you use WIC for grocery pickup?

Yes, you can use WIC for grocery pickup. Some stores do allow this option. However, it depends mainly on where you live.

It is best first to contact your nearest grocery store. That will help you confirm whether they allow WIC for online pickup or not.

Generally, you will not need the WIC card during the online order. However, it is verified once you visit the store for pickup. The availability can vary from state to state.

Where can I use my WIC card online?

Only a handful of stores are participating in the WIC online card program. That includes Buche Foods, Walmart, and Hy-Vee.

It is important to note that WIC online may not be available in all states.

For instance, Walmart is testing its WIC online system in only Washington and Massachusetts. Similarly, Hy-Vee is also limited in the region.

So, it is best to confirm whether your state allows the WIC card online or not. You can visit the WIC website and view all the participating stores.


Final Words

And that’s all you should know about WIC. Let’s go back to our original question. Does Walmart take WIC? Absolutely. However, the online system may not be available yet.

Hopefully, it will be started soon as Walmart aimed to test WIC online this year. The decision has been in pending since 2021.

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