Does Walmart Take Sezzle? What Stores Accept It?

Walmart is one of the biggest grocery store chains. It has all the products one needs for their household.

The store also allows online shopping with home delivery and in-store pickup. Walmart is also known for accepting various payment methods.

And that brings us to the discussion of Sezzle. Does Walmart take Sezzle? Here’s everything you need to know about this matter.

Does Walmart Take Sezzle?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Sezzle in the US. However, I found that this payment method was available at Walmart locations in Canada.

Walmart accepts a decent selection of payment options. You can find the most popular ones in the list. But it does not take Sezzle. There can be several reasons behind this.

For instance, Sezzle is not as popular as other payment methods at Walmart. It is not available in a variety of stores.

However, you’ll be glad to know that Target accepts Sezzle, and you can also use Sezzle at Amazon.

Even on Sezzle’s website, they have mentioned that this method is available with only select retailers. The same can be said for online stores.

Does Walmart Take Sezzle

Where Can I Use My Sezzle Virtual Card?

You can use the Sezzle virtual card at Target, Maaji, Alder Apparel, AYBL, and Skywear.

Here are some stores where you can use the Sezzle virtual card:

  • Bella Rose Boutique
  • JJ Rae
  • What Waist
  • Muscle Nation
  • The Last Hunt
  • GearBunch
  • The Sweat Store
  • KEEN
  • Three Nails Clothing
  • Manola

The Sezzle virtual card is accepted in a wide range of stores. You can view the complete list on your Sezzle mobile application.

Generally, it is taken in apparel and footwear retailers. But you will also find some grocery, toy, and jewelry stores.

Is Sezzle Virtual Card a Credit Card?

The Sezzle virtual card can work as both debit and credit cards. However, it does not exist in a physical form. It is a contactless payment method.

A virtual payment card can be used in both online and physical stores. But it does not exist physically like a credit or debit card.

You can keep its information on your mobile phone. Use the details to make payments.

The Sezzle virtual card comes with an expiration date. It also has a 16-digit number and CVV like a traditional card.

What is the Highest Sezzle Limit?

What is the Highest Sezzle Limit

Sezzle has the highest limit of $2,500.

The Sezzle virtual card comes with some limitations. For instance, it can be used on payments above $35. Also, the amount should be less than $2,500.

Can I Use Sezzle Anywhere Apple Pay is Accepted?

It depends on the retailer. Most stores that do accept Apple Pay also take Sezzle.

Sezzle goes hand-in-hand with mobile payment methods. It can be used with Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can use it at most stores that accept these two payment options. How to do that?

Well, you add the Sezzle Virtual card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay account. You can now use it at checkout like any other payment method.

How to Use the Sezzle Card at Retail Stores?

You can use the Sezzle card at retail stores by adding it to your Google or Apple Pay Wallet.

Sezzle must be first added to a digital wallet. After that, you can use it at a retail store.

Here’s how:

  • Choose an appropriate digital wallet, i.e. Apple or Google Pay.
  • Add your Sezzle virtual card to the digital wallet.
  • Now, use that payment option during checkout.

The process is quite simple in online stores. Follow these steps:

  • On the checkout page, enter your Sezzle virtual card details.
  • Select it as a payment method.

How Can I Find Out Which Retailers Currently Accept the Sezzle Virtual Card?

You can view the complete list of participating retailers on the Sezzle mobile application.

Follow these steps to find out which retailers are currently accepting Sezzle:

  • Download and Install the Sezzle mobile application.
  • Log in to it with your account information.
  • Look for the “Sezzle Card” tab.
  • Tap on it to view the full list.

Now, you will see all the retailers accepting the Sezzle virtual card in stores and online.

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, this guide will help you use Sezzle in the right stores. It can be a bummer to know that Walmart does not accept this payment option.

However, that does not mean never. If Sezzle keeps gathering a dedicated follower base, the grocery store chain will integrate this payment method.

Sezzle is used in a variety of retailers. You can find it at many big names across the country.

This guide has also covered how to use it online and in physical stores. Go through the information to make the most of your Sezzle virtual card.

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