PayPal at Walmart: How to Use It and Is It Free?

Does Walmart Take PayPal

PayPal is well-known globally. It has set a mark as one of the most convenient and popular payment methods.

Today, almost all grocery stores accept PayPal. But again, there can be some exceptions.

In the grocery store category, Walmart is THE undefeated name. Its supermarkets and stores are located in various countries.

But does Walmart take PayPal? Let’s uncover the mystery!

Does Walmart Take PayPal?

Yes, Walmart does accept PayPal as of 2023. You can use this payment method during the checkout from your Walmart Wallet.

However, PayPal is not added to the wallet. You have to enter your information every time during the checkout. PayPal and Affirm are the two digital wallets that are added at the checkout.

You will need a PayPal Cash Card if you are shopping from a Walmart store. Fortunately, Walmart sells PayPal cards. As for Walmart’s online store, you can easily pay via PayPal by entering your card information.

How to Pay With PayPal at Walmart Self Checkout?

How to Pay With PayPal at Walmart Self Checkout

There are several ways to use PayPal at Walmart self-checkout. You can use the PayPal Cash Card or Credit linked to your account.

At the Walmart self-checkout, you will see all the available payment options. Choose PayPal from there.

Now, enter your account information and choose PayPal Cash card or credit. Once selected, you can pay the total amount. The same method is used for shopping from Walmart online.

When at the checkout page, you will see all the payment methods. Scroll down to PayPal and enter the required information. And you are all set!

How to Withdraw Money From PayPal at Walmart Without a Card?

You can withdraw money from PayPal at Walmart without a card from the Walmart MoneyCenter services desk.

These desks are responsible for handling Money Services at Walmart. You can go to one of them and show your PayPal barcode.

Do not know how to do it? Well, it is quite simple! Open the PayPal application on your phone and navigate to withdraw.

Now, enter the desired amount. Show the Money Services desk employee your barcode. And, you can get withdrawal. Note that Walmart charges a $3 fee on PayPal transactions.

Is PayPal Free?

Yes, it is completely free to create a PayPal account. Moreover, there is generally no fee for online purchases. Most transactions are also free of charge.

However, it is important to note that PayPal does have currency conversion fees. Moreover, third-party stores may have a fixed price for withdrawing money.

For instance, Walmart charges $3 for transactions with PayPal. Similarly, many other stores may have such charges.

If you are dealing directly with PayPal, there are no charges that you should worry about.

Is PayPal Safe to Receive Money From Strangers?

Yes, PayPal is completely safe to receive money from strangers. The platform uses strong security protocols to avoid fraud and scams.

PayPal has separate plans for receiving money. You can use the “friends and family” option if your transaction is with known people. And generally, there are no risks involved in such transactions.

However, PayPal also includes a “buyer protection” plan. That covers all the transactions made with unknown people. Rest assured, your money will be safe with PayPal.

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Is PayPal Credit Good?

Yes, PayPal credit is good.

That’s because it does not have annual charges. And users get various benefits with the card’s interest.

The PayPal credit card comes with a $0 over-limit fee. It has a foreign transaction fee of 5% of the transaction money.

PayPal credit receives overall positive reviews from users. That’s mainly due to its useful features, stronger security, and no fee.

PayPal is even better for people who frequently shop online. You can use it in almost all stores. You have nothing to worry about since there is no credit card number.


To Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on PayPal. Yes, this payment option is accepted at Walmart. In fact, it is available in most supermarkets and grocery stores.

PayPal cardholders can also withdraw money from most Walmart locations. This service is available at MoneyCenter desks at the popular grocery store chain.

Combine that with top-notch security, and PayPal is easily one of the best options. Use it to pay bills, shop online, make foreign transactions, and whatnot.

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