Does Walmart Take Checks in 2023? Do They Cash Them?

Does Walmart Take Checks

Are you planning to make a quick grocery trip to Walmart? Well, you have chosen one of the biggest stores worldwide!

Walmart has everything you will need. However, some payment methods may not be available at the most popular grocery store chains.

People frequently ask, does Walmart take checks? Considering this is a common payment method, it should be available at the store. But, is it? Here’s all you need to know about it!

Does Walmart Take Checks?

Yes, Walmart does take checks as of 2023. You can process your check by identifying your photo ID at Walmart cashier desks.

This payment method is available in all Walmart locations. Note that the name on the check should be the same as on your photo ID. Since Walmart has strict policies, it is best to double-check.

Walmart also verifies a check via a third-party tool. In some stores, it can be Certegy, while they have TeleCheck in others.

It is important to note that you will be asked to use a different payment method if your check verification fails at Walmart. You might also like to know if Amazon takes checks.

How Much Money Does Walmart Take From Checks?

Walmart has a maximum limit of $5,000 when it comes to checks.

You can also cash checks from Walmart. However, that comes with a fee, too. Since the maximum amount is $5,000, you will be charged $6.00 for it.

The minimum price is $3.00. It is set for checks which are up to $1,000.

What Type of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

At Walmart, you can cash tax checks, cashier’s checks, government checks, two-party personal checks, MoneyGram money orders, pre-printed checks, and payroll checks.

Walmart is quite versatile when it comes to checks. They also cash retirement and insurance settlement checks.

Do you have a different check than those mentioned above? No need to worry. You can ask a Walmart employee if they can cash it or not. Check out if Target cash checks or not.

Does Walmart cash checks

Can I Write a Check at Walmart if My Account is Negative?

Yes, Walmart allows you to write a check even if your account is negative. But, it can have some consequences.

For instance, you can get a letter of warning or a phone call from your bank. They demand the spent funds returned. Generally, you get a due date to return the amount to your bank account.

After that, the bank will minus that amount. It is better to avoid this payment method if your account is negative.

Does Walmart Take Checks for Gas?

Yes, you can write a check next time you buy gas from Walmart gas stations.

The verification process is the same as in Walmart stores. A machine and a third-party tool will verify your check.

Walmart gas stations may not be that versatile in accepting different checks. But it can vary depending on where you live.

Does Walmart Take Checks at Self-checkout?

Sadly, Walmart does not allow checks at self-checkout.

That said, Walmart accepts popular payment methods for self-checkout. These include credit cards, debit cards, Walmart gift cards, and EBT.

You can see all the available options on the self-checkout screen. After that, you can insert your form of payment and follow the instructions to finish your purchase.

Does Walmart Accept Checks Online?

Yes, you can pay with checks when buying online from Walmart.

And that can be quite convenient. Paying online with your desired payment method and receiving your products on your doorstep is an unmatched feeling.

Luckily, Walmart has started taking checks online, too. That was only possible due to its partnership with Certegy Inc.

In fact, Walmart is one of the first e-commerce stores to accept checks.


Final Words

And that’s all you need to know about Walmart and checks. Yes, you can write checks at Walmart. For the most part, the giant supermarket chain does accept this payment method.

It is one of the most common methods as of 2023. Walmart is one of the few stores accepting it online too.

At Walmart, you can buy your favorite products and pay with your desired payment option. That, too, even if your bank account is negative.

While it does have later consequences, Walmart does allow it. And, for that, it surely gets a plus point!

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