Affirm at Walmart in 2023? Know How To Use

Does Walmart Take Affirm

Walmart is THE go-to place for groceries. And rightfully so! The store has almost everything one needs. That includes food items, household essentials, beverages, and whatnot.

However, Walmart is also quite famous for accepting different payment methods.

One of the most convenient payment options is Affirm. It allows you to make four divisions of the original payment. So, does Walmart take Affirm? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Walmart Take Affirm?

Yes, Walmart does accept Affirm as a payment method. You can select it during checkout at all Walmart locations as of 2023.

You can use Affirm on Walmart’s online store. It is pretty straightforward. When at checkout, you are asked to select a payment method.

You can choose Affirm and pick the right payment plan for you. However, you will need the Affirm mobile application for that. You can download it on your Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Yes, Walmart does accept Affirm as a payment method

How Do I Use Affirm Virtual Card on Walmart?

The Affirm Virtual card is listed on Walmart’s ‘Credit Cards’ section of payment methods. You can select it from there during checkout.

Note that Walmart only accepts loaded Affirm Virtual cards. Users can also use the virtual card via the Affirm app.

Once you use the card, you get a confirmation message. That means the transaction has been successful.

Customers can also use the Affirm Virtual card on the Walmart online store. Once at the checkout page, tap on “Credit Card.”

Enter your Virtual card number with your billing address. And you are all set!

Why is Affirm Not Showing Up on Walmart?

Affirm may not show up on Walmart for many reasons, such as using an older app version, buying from a third-party vendor, or if there’s a restricted item in your cart.

Yes, Walmart does not allow Affirm on all items. Some products, such as alcohol and tobacco, are restricted.

Another common reason is having third-party vendor items in your cart. Make sure to remove them and try again.

If your Affirm app has not been updated for a while, that could very well be the issue. Update the application from the App Store or Play Store.

What Can I Buy With Affirm at Walmart?

You can buy electronics, automotive, furniture, appliances, garden products, and more at Walmart.

Generally, only a few items are restricted by Affirm. Other than that, you can buy most of the products at Walmart. Note that Affirm is only eligible for orders of at least $150.

Affirm at Walmart

What Items Are Not Eligible for Affirm at Walmart?

Pharmacy, firearms, alcohol, money services, groceries, and tobacco are not eligible for Affirm at Walmart.

Generally, Affirm is used for costly items, like furniture or appliances. The minimum order for Affirm is $150, while the maximum is $2,000.

You can not use Affirm for groceries as well as personal care products.

That is not only restricted to Walmart. Even on Amazon, Affirm does not allow buying Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market items.

Can I Use Affirm to Get Gas?

Unfortunately, Affirm is not available in many gas stations as of 2023.

Affirm rose to popularity due to its integration with e-commerce stores. That includes names like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

It is also used in the majority of retail stores. However, Klarna is the only payment method for its category widely in gas stations.

Can I Use My Affirm Virtual Card Anywhere?

Affirm Virtual card can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards. That includes online and in stores.

Adidas, Target, Walmart, Peleton, Byte, Bedjet, Allmodern, Dyson, Mirror, Serena & Lily, Wayfair, Great Jones, KitchenAid, and Reverb are some popular names that accept Affirm Virtual cards.

To Wrap Up

And that is all there is to know about Walmart and Affirm. Yes, the payment method is accepted in the giant grocery store chain. You can use it to divide payments from 3 to 36 months.

This way, almost any expensive item will seem affordable. Affirm Virtual cardholders can also get personal loans.

Affirm can be used in Walmart stores and online. But you won’t be able to buy groceries with this payment method. That’s the only catch, besides alcohol and tobacco.

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