Does Walmart Sell Tofu in 2023?

Are you craving some tofu? Then, you might be in luck. Almost all big supermarkets and grocery stores sell tofu. The price, type, and brand may vary from store to store.

Walmart is easily the biggest supermarket chain in the U.S. The real question is, does Walmart sell tofu? No need to worry.

This guide will answer all your questions!

Does Walmart Sell Tofu?

Does Walmart Sell Tofu

Yes, Walmart does sell tofu. You can buy from a store or order online. It is available under the Plant-Based Protein & Tofu section.

Currently, the most popular options in this category are House Tofu and Nasoya Extra Firm Organic Tofu.

Additionally, Walmart also offers plant-based smoked deli slices by Tofurky.

What Aisle Is Tofu in Walmart?

Generally, tofu is available on refrigerated shelves. You will find them near the produce section aisle.

If not there, you will find tofu with other Asian foods. Usually, Walmart stores have separate sections for different foods.

Hence, the chances are that you will find a dedicated space for Asian foods.

However, it also depends on the size of the Walmart store. Some locations are smaller than others.

If you have trouble finding tofu, you can always ask an employee to point you in the right direction.

What Does Tofu Taste Like?

Tofu does not have a strong and unique flavor. Normally, it tastes almost the same as beans. But, raw tofu does not hold any taste.

Many people fry tofu after crumbling it until the color is solid brown. This way, tofu tastes pretty much like pork or ground chicken meat.

The pro tip is never to eat tofu without any seasoning or additional food items. You can watch tons of video recipes to learn how to make tofu.

What Does Tofu Pair Well With?

In terms of seasoning, tofu pairs well with black pepper, black salt, sea salt, turmeric, and garlic powder. Many people eat tofu with white rice, soy sauce, and garlic for extra flavor.

Normally, tofu pairs well with almost all cooked vegetables. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can eat it with peanuts, olive oil, brown rice, vinegar, honey, etc.

Is Tofu Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, tofu is generally good for weight loss. That’s because it has comparatively fewer calories than meat. 

Tofu is a part of many people’s diets. It pairs well with most green veggies, making it an ideal food option. However, it also increases the chances of heart disease.

How Do You Eat Tofu?

There are many methods to eat tofu.

You can eat it separately or fry it. People cut tofu into thin slices and fry them with some seasoning.

Traditionally, tofu was eaten alone, like any other food. However, tofu is now offered in many smoothies as well as sauces.

Surprisingly, it has also become a key ingredient for many homemade ice cream recipes.

Do I Have to Cook Tofu Before Eating It?

No, you do not have to cook tofu to eat it. Originally, the Japanese used to eat tofu in its raw form.

However, raw tofu either tastes bad or has no flavors. Instead of making it part of your diet, you would prefer to avoid it.

That is why eating tofu with other veggies is recommended, or fry it before eating.

How Long Does It Take Tofu to Cook?

Usually, it takes about 25 to 40 minutes to cook tofu. However, it depends on your recipe and the type of tofu.

The general thumb rule is to cook tofu until it is golden or brown. You can cook it further to add more crispiness.

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Now, you can go straight into the appropriate aisle to find tofu. However, if you still have trouble finding it, you can ask any employee to help you.

Even better, you can order most tofu products from the comfort of your home. Some tofus do have the same-day delivery option too. Hence, you can decide on your dinner accordingly.

In general, tofu has many health benefits. If you do not like meat, you can switch it to tofu.

The best part is that you can eat them straight out of the package. They do not need to be cooked. But, you can watch recipes to create the perfect flavor of tofu.

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