Does Walmart sell Sushi? Is it Good & Healthy? (2023)

The world’s largest retailer certainly seems to sell everything under the sun, but does Walmart sell Sushi? Here is what you need to know if you’re craving Japanese cuisine and want to know if you can buy it from Walmart!

Does Walmart sell Sushi?

Walmart does offer both fresh and frozen Sushi, both fresh and frozen, at many of its stores. It sells a modest selection of popular sushi rolls under the Moji brand, including California and hot crab.

However, the quality and taste are criticized by consumers, despite Walmart charging the same price as other grocery stores. 

Does Walmart sell Sushi

What is Sushi?

Raw fish and vinegared rice are the main ingredients of Sushi in Japan, which may be topped with a variety of garnishes. It has been around for centuries and has been described as an acquired taste.

It’s often served as an appetizer or light meal and can be eaten with chopsticks or a fork.

Makizushi and nigiri are the two most prevalent kinds of Sushi in the United States.

Maki sushi rolls, also known as makizushi, are the world’s most widely available kind of Sushi. All you need to do is roll up your ingredients, cover them in nori, then enjoy!

There are three types of makizushi: California Maki, Boston Maki, and Philadelphia Maki. The California Maki is by far the favorite in the US and is definitely worth a try.

What Kinds of Sushi Does Walmart Offer?

As mentioned earlier, Walmart offers both frozen and fresh Sushi.

A “fresh” sushi option may be found in the deli department of Walmart, while a “frozen” version can be found in the freezer section.

The Moji brand of fresh Sushi is available at Walmart, and it comes in three basic varieties: the traditional California roll, hot crab, and California cream cheese. All three are delicious.

There are 10 pieces in each box, each costing roughly $6 on average. You can also buy the Okami brand’s Sushi from Walmart, but there are few options from this brand.

There is also a shrimp and avocado roll and a spicy crab roll from the Banzai brand in Walmart’s frozen Sushi.

These packages include 15 pieces each, as well as soy sauce and wasabi packets, and they must be thawed before use.

In addition, you may also like to know if Publix sells Sushi or what is the cost of Sushi at Albertsons.

Walmart Sushi


Who Makes Moji Sushi?

Walmart does not own Moji. In fact, Trident Seafood is the parent company of the Moji sushi brand.

Fishermen from all throughout Alaska’s ports work for Trident Seafoods, which is a family-owned and controlled enterprise.

Cod, pollock, halibut, rockfish, and salmon are among the fish they capture and sell.

The brand wrapped them in suitable packaging and then delivered them to Walmart’s stores. The store then freezes them and puts these sushis on sale in the freezers.

Moji Sushi at Walmart

How Much Does Sushi Cost at Walmart?

At Walmart, you could only buy Moji sushi at Walmart for about $6. It is certainly more affordable than buying or eating in a Japanese Restaurant.

On the other hand, this price can fluctuate, so it is better to contact your nearby Walmart store to confirm. 

Is Walmart Sushi Good?

Walmart has been criticized for its lack of quality, so it might be best to stick to buying from restaurants or online if you want to enjoy a good quality sushi roll.

Walmart’s Sushi has received mixed reviews. The feedback on their websites shows that some people are happy with their purchases while others are not.

The frozen kind may put off people who have previously had Sushi that was fresh and real. Sushi from the grocery store is a decent fallback if you’re short on other alternatives.

Other grocery chains, including Kroger, Target, Costco, and Whole Foods, sell Sushi. The case is more or less the same in terms of quality.

Some people had a fantastic experience, while others despise buying Sushi from any grocery store. 

Is Supermarket Sushi Safe?

Yes! Most ready-to-eat and frozen sushi brands are regulated to ensure their safety. However, they may still constitute a threat if not managed and kept carefully.

Even though most consumers are worried about raw fish, sushi rice has its own set of concerns.

Rice may serve as a germination incubator. Bacteria like Bacillus cereus may infect rice, resulting in illness and digestive issues for those who consume it.

It is, however, a very unusual occurrence. Sushi is safe to eat if it is prepared according to hygienic standards.

Sushi should be consumed as quickly as possible. Bacterial growth will be reduced as a result.

The Sushi’s flavor and texture will also be significantly superior to those that have been preserved for an extended period.

Final Thoughts:

Sushi is not just a treat for sushi lovers. It is also a food that is both healthy and delicious. The freshness of the ingredients makes it a great choice for lunch or dinner. 

Currently, Walmart does offer Sushi. However, you should be careful and make sure that the Sushi you buy is fresh and healthy.

I would recommend eating Sushi in a good restaurant to make the most out of this healthy tread. On the other hand, Walmart is a viable option if you still want to buy Sushi from a store. 

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