Does Walmart Sell Rotisserie Chicken? Is It Cheap?

Does Walmart Sell Rotisserie Chicken

Are you looking for rotisserie chicken for dinner but do not know where to buy it? There are tons of supermarkets and grocery stores that sell this food item.

In terms of supermarket chains, it isn’t easy to top Walmart. It is easily the most popular one out there.

So, can Walmart help you out with your dinner? Does Walmart sell Rotisserie chicken?

Let’s find out!

Does Walmart Sell Rotisserie Chicken?

Yes, Walmart does sell Rotisserie Chicken in its stores and online. As of yet, they have 12 options available in the rotisserie and pulled chicken category.

Most of these options are available with seasoning and sauces. Hence, they are all set to be enjoyed at a family dinner.

In Walmart stores, you will find fully cooked, grilled, and oven-roasted rotisserie chicken.

Additionally, they also sell rotisserie seasoned cooked pork with shredded pieces.

Do All Walmarts Sell Rotisserie Chicken?

Yes, almost all Walmart locations sell Rotisserie Chicken. Among other chicken items, you will find them in the packaged food section.

If your nearby Walmart does not sell rotisserie chicken, there’s no need to worry. That’s because you can buy it online from the Walmart website.

Walmart Rotisserie Chicken

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What Time Are the Rotisserie Chickens Ready at Walmart?

Walmart sells Rotisserie Chickens at different times. The first batch gets ready around 10:30 AM. Some Walmart locations start selling rotisserie chicken as early as 8 AM.

If you have trouble finding the right time for your nearest store, make sure to contact us via the store phone number.

You can get it from the Walmart store locator.

Does Walmart Have Shredded Rotisserie Chicken?

Yes, you can buy a shredded Rotisserie Chicken from Walmart. These come in different types, including seasoned, grilled, fully cooked, etc.

Currently, Walmart also has shredded rotisserie pork for sale.

Other food related queries regarding Walmart:

Is Walmart Rotisserie Chicken Good?

Generally, Walmart rotisserie chicken has received negative reviews. However, some stores do have good rotisserie chickens.

The question is, why is Walmart rotisserie chicken not good? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, the taste isn’t that flavorful at all.

You can buy better rotisserie chickens just by spending a few extra bucks at Sam’s Club or Costco.

Secondly, many people have reported being handed old chickens. But, the blame does not go to Walmart fully.

They get their rotisserie chickens from third-party retailers.

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Why Is Walmart Rotisserie Chicken So Cheap?

Generally, rotisserie chicken is one of the leading loss items for many grocery stores.

Walmart and many other supermarkets actually sell these items below the buying cost. That’s only to attract customers to the store and buy more items along with rotisserie chicken.

Other than that, Walmart also has some competitors to consider. Currently, Walmart has the cheapest rotisserie chicken in any supermarket. Thus, it has made its name for that.

Does Walmart Sell Chicken Feet?

Yes, you can buy chicken paws from almost all Walmart stores.

A 2.44-lb pack will cost around $4.76. The price and availability of chicken feet may vary from store to store.


Walmart has a wide variety of chicken food items. These include rotisserie chicken as well as paws. You can buy shredded, cooked, and grilled rotisserie chicken from your nearest Walmart store.

But, make sure to find out when it will be ready. If there’s any confusion, go to the Walmart official website and view all the available options.

However, do not expect the premium quality of rotisserie chickens from Walmart. Considering the low price, they make for a budget-friendly dinner for the entire family.

Ranging from $7 to $12, these rotisserie chickens are enough for 6-7 persons.

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