Does Walmart Sell Mattresses? (Types, Size + More)

Does Walmart Sell Mattresses

Walmart is one of the largest retail stores dealing in various high-end products. These products are not only of good quality but also their price ranges from economical to competitive market cost.

But still, some consumers get confused about does Walmart sells Mattresses in 2023 or not. So, the answer is yes! Walmart deals in an extensive range of Mattresses of different brands.

To know all about the Mattresses at Walmart, give this article a read to get complete information.

What Kind of Mattresses Are Available at Walmart?

Walmart deals in different kinds of Mattresses, which include:

  • Specialty Mattress
  • Medium-firm Mattress
  • Firm Mattress
  • Floral foldable Mattress
  • Spring Mattresses
  • Air Mattresses
  • Memory foam Mattress
  • Hybrid Mattress

You can also get more variety in Mattresses at Walmart.

From the floral printed Mattresses to the simple white foldable Mattresses, you will get several options to buy according to your taste and needs.

yes! Walmart deals in an extensive range of Mattresses of different brands

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Which Sizes of Mattresses Are Available at Walmart?

Walmart has all sizes of Mattresses available at the stores. You can get:

  • Queen size
  • King size
  • Twin size
  • Full-size
  • Single
  • Double Mattresses
  • XL Mattresses

 The minimum size of Mattress in inches available at Walmart is 4 inches, and the maximum width is 12 inches.

However, you cannot get the 4 inches Mattresses in all brands present at Walmart. Only Zinus Serenity brand has 4″, 6″, 8″, and 12″ inch Mattresses. Linenspa Dreamer has 8″, 10″, and 12″ inches Mattresses only.

 So, you can get various sizes in every Mattresses brand.

Which Mattress Brands are available at Walmart?

Which Mattress Brands are available at Walmart

Currently, Walmart has more than 12 Mattress brands on its website and at stores. 

These brands are listed here:

  • Zinus
  • AC pacific
  • Spa sensation
  • Allswell
  • Slumber
  • Beautyrest
  • Signature Sleep
  • Linenspa
  • Signature Design by Ashley
  • Sealy
  • Lucid
  • Serta
  • Modern Sleep
  • Mainstays

These brands have several other subcategories, including memory foam Mattresses, hybrid, inflated, etc.

Does Walmart Sell Its Brand of Mattresses?

Yes, Walmart has its brand of Mattress known as Allswell Luxe Hybrid. It was launched in 2018 and is 12 inches tall Mattress.

Its quality blows away the customers as it is manufactured by combining the three different forms to get a hybrid construction.

So, it is a hybrid Mattress available in twin, full, king, queen, twin XL, and California King sizes.

Does Walmart Allswell Luxe Hybrid of good quality? 

Yes, Walmart’s brand Mattress Allswell Luxe Hybrid, is of good quality. Its hybridization of three foams makes it very comfortable and durable. 

It is great for those who are:

  • side and back sleepers
  • people who love a mix of bounce and contouring
  • those who need a high-end edge support Mattress.

It costs you around $279 to $539. But, it is definitely worth your every penny. You can get it without dwelling into many jumbled thoughts with ten years Mattress warranty.

How much do Walmart’s Mattresses Cost?

The cost of Mattresses available at Walmart depends upon the brand you are selecting for yourself.

Lucid is the most popular brand at Walmart, costing you around $240-$270. It kept on increasing as the size of the Mattress increased.

Walmart’s own Mattress brand is comfortable and reasonably available at the starting price of between $270-$280.

Generally, the minimum cost is $100, and the maximum is $1000.Hence there are multiple brands you can shop at Walmart either online or in the store.

How Does Walmart Ship Mattresses?

Most of the Mattresses at Walmart are shipped as Mattress-in-a- box.

These Mattresses are already vacuumed, packed, and sent as it is into rolls for easy transit from the store to your location.

This Mattresses-in-a-box is delivered through regular shipping services, including USPC, FedEx, and UPS. For large-size Mattresses, Walmart also uses freight shipping services.

How Does Walmart Mattress-in-a-Box Work?

Walmart Mattress-in-a-box is a regular sleeping Mattress. But its packing and shipping style is different from others.

It comes in a box as a roll. These kinds of Mattresses are vacuumed and packed into a compact roll. Then it is placed into a cardboard box packaging to deliver it safely to the customers.

When you receive such a Mattress, unbox it carefully. You must keep the last layer of plastic packaging in the right place.

The last layer is responsible for keeping the vacuum seal in place. So, it must be kept in place until you get ready to expand your Mattress to full size.

Place the rolled-up Mattress on the bed and carefully cut its last layer. It will start expanding at once. You will get the full-size Mattress on your bed within a few hours. 

However, getting the full size can take up to 24 hours. So, try to give it a whole day to expand well before using it.

What is Walmart’s Return Policy on Mattresses?

According to Walmart’s Return Policy on Mattresses, you can refund, exchange, or get it repaired from Walmart as long it meets their terms and condition.

Walmart has a return policy for the Mattresses to be claimed within 90 days.

However, you must show the original receipt as well as the packing. It applies only until you do not open their packaging or the Mattress is untouched.

However, if you open the Mattress and unbox it, you can exchange it with the original packaging and the receipt.

The accessories bought separately can be exchanged and returned by showing your original bill at the counter.

Walmart’s return policy of 90 days is very famous and convenient for customers to get their Mattresses returned and exchanged.

Moreover, these policies are for in-store shopping or online purchases from Walmart’s brand. But you need to read their exchange and return policy for purchases made by an independent Walmart seller.

You cannot return it at the Walmart store itself. Instead, your sellers can give you a voucher or exchange receipt online to ship your item back to them.

How Long Does it Take for Walmart to Ship Mattresses?

Usually, Walmart takes 2 to 7 working days to get your product shipped to your doorstep.

Depending on your location, you can quickly get it in a week if you make an online purchase. The minimum delivery time is two days and can take up to 7 business days.

Walmart offers free shipping most of the time, and sometimes you have to pay shipping charges depending upon the Mattress brand and your location.

Can You Return Mattresses to Walmart without Receipt?

Yes, you can return your Mattresses at Walmart without showing your original receipt.

Walmart allows customers to get a refund and return their products by completing their refund verification process.

This verification process only requires a government-issued ID card photo for your identification. That’s it, and you are done to get your Mattress refund, exchange, or return.

Conclusion: Does Walmart sell Mattresses?

Walmart is an excellent destination for customers searching for a comfortable, high-quality Mattress at an affordable price.

The retail giant offers a vast range of Mattresses in different brands, sizes, and styles, including hybrid, memory foam, air, and spring Mattresses.

Walmart also provides its brand, Allswell Luxe Hybrid, which is a great option for side and back sleepers who want a combination of bounce and contouring.

The store ships most of its Mattresses in a box, which makes delivery and handling convenient for customers. They also have a generous return policy that allows customers to return or exchange their Mattresses within 90 days of purchase.

I hope all your queries regarding does Walmart sell Mattresses are now cleared. Let us know in the comment section if you have any other queries.

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