Does Walmart Sell Lamb Meat?

Does Walmart Sell Lamb Meat

Many people prefer lamb meat over beef and chicken. But, where do you find fresh and quality lamb meat?

Luckily, almost every big supermarket has a separate section for all meat products. Hence, you can find it easily.

People frequently ask, Does Walmart sell lamb meat? Since it is one of the biggest supermarket chains, questions about a product’s availability are inevitable.

Let’s find out if Walmart has this item or not in the guide below!

Does Walmart Sell Lamb Meat?

Yes, you can buy lamb meat from almost all Walmart stores. Currently, it is available in 1 and 2-lb packages.

Some lamb meat packages are also available for delivery. The most popular one is the ground lamb by Thomas Farms. You can buy twelve 1 lb packages for $116.99.

Does Walmart Sell Lamb Chops?

Yes, Walmart does sell lamb chops in its stores and online.

You can buy lamb rib chop as well as shoulder chop. They also have loin chop in a 2-lb package.

Most of these lamb chops are fresh and positively reviewed.

Does Walmart Sell Lamb Shoulders?

Yes, Walmart does carry lamb shoulder in its stores.

Generally, you will find the 0.5 – 1.0-lb package by Marketside Butcher. Walmart also has shoulder chops by Crescent Foods.

These are available in a package of 12 pieces for $90 with free shipping.

Does Walmart Have Leg of Lamb?

Yes, Lamb Leg is available for sale at most Walmart locations.

As of yet, Walmart has two different options for lamb legs. The first one is the seasoned package between 1.45 – 3.75 lbs. It starts at $25.70.

On the other hand, you can buy the seasoned lamb leg steak by Marketside Butcher at Walmart.

It is considerably cheaper and currently sits at $14.61 as a discounted price.

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How Much Is a Lamb Chop at Walmart?

Usually, the price varies on the quantity and part of the lamb. For instance, the rib chops cost $85 and are available in 15 – 18 pieces.

Similarly, 2 pieces of lamb breast cost around $39.59. The leg of a lamb is priced at $25.70 at Walmart.

That said, the price may differ from store to store. Also, some brands of lamb meat are comparatively more expensive than others.

On the other hand, ground lamb packages are significantly costlier. 12 1-lb packages cost around $116.99, while 6 2-lb packages are available for $125.99


Ready to cook dinner for your family? Do not forget the quality lamb meat options of Walmart. All of these products are high-quality and fresh.

You can also buy seasoned lamb chops to save you more time. This way, you only have to cook the ribs, shoulder, or leg chops just how you want.

If you do not feel like going to a Walmart store, order lamb meat from the comfort of your home.

Or, if you are worried about a long queue or crowd, select the pickup option from the Walmart website. There, you just saved more time to focus on an excellent recipe for lamb chops.

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