Does Walmart Sell Ice? Types, Price, & Availability

Walmart is one of the largest and most well-known retailers in the world.

While it’s often thought to be a place where you can find good deals on many products, it’s also true that Walmart doesn’t sell everything you might expect to find in a large store.

Does Walmart sell ice? That depends on whether you’re talking about melted ice or crushed ice.

Let’s look at what Walmart sells to find out if it carries ice.

Does Walmart Sell Ice in 2023?

Yes, Walmart does sell ice in its stores in 2023.

It’s relatively easy to find in most grocery stores or food supply stores, but the Walmart Store Finder tool can help you seek out the closest store to you that carries it. Apart from regular ice, Walmart also sells Dry Ice.

Does Walmart Sell Ice

Does Walmart Sell Bags of Crushed Ice?

Yes, Walmart sells bags of crushed ice. Walmart sells 1 Pound Bag of 1/4″ Crushed Ice Fireglass for a price between $22-$24.

The pack contains crushed ice fire glass, commonly used in fire pits and fireplaces.

It also includes a metal scoop and a small log grate to help manage the fiberglass around the logs in the fireplace.

Apart from Walmart, read our following blog to learn about ice options at other stores:

How Much Does a Bag of Ice Cost at Walmart?

You can buy a bag of Reddy Ice. It’s a 20-pound bag, and it costs $3.88.

How to Buy Ice at Walmart?

The answer is simple and quick.

  • First, head over to the frozen food section of Walmart, where you’ll be able to find the ice section.
  • You’ll be able to find an abundance of ice bags made out of plastic or paper, depending on what you’re in the mood for.
  • After you choose your bag (you can also get small bags for parties or events), check out your items.
  • When you check out, bring up any coupons that you might have to save a few dollars here and there.
  • Don’t forget your bag of ice when leaving Walmart!

Does Walmart Sell Ice Melt?

Does Walmart sell Ice Melt

Yes, Walmart sells ice melt products. In addition to the popular brands of ice melt products available at Walmart, including Morton, and Ice Melt.

They also carry a variety of other salt-based products for use in your garage and driveway.

Ice melt products can be used on driveways, walkways, and sidewalks to help prevent damage to concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces in cold weather.

Does Walmart Sell Ice Wine?

Yes, Walmart sells ice wine from multiple brands.

Ice wine is made by harvesting grapes frozen on the vine. This makes them more concentrated and sweeter than other wines.

It’s a specialty product that can only be made in specific regions during certain parts of the year. One of the most famous brands is JUSTIN Ice Wine which costs around $75-$80 for a 750mL bottle.

Does Walmart Have Snow Melt?

Yes, it sells snow melt from multiple brands.

The popular brands are Eco Home & Garden Snow & Ice Melt for $23 and KEEP IT GREEN Pet Safe Ice Melt with a pack of 12 Pound Jug 4 Pack for $79.99.

However, the prices can vary anytime, so it’s better to check online just to confirm it.

Summing Up!

While the quality of Walmart’s ice varies, overall, it is a reliable brand to choose from.

They carry both crushed ice, which can be found in the frozen food section, and ice melt products for use on driveways and sidewalks.

Additionally, they also sell ice wine and snow melt products from multiple brands. With the Walmart Store Finder tool, customers can easily locate the nearest store carrying the necessary ice.

And with the availability of coupons, they can save a few dollars on their ice purchase.

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