Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards? (List of Gift Cards +FAQs)

Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards

Walmart deals in an extensive range of products. Everyone is well familiar with its ranking and authenticity, many people are questioning: ‘Does Walmart sell Gift Cards?’

So, luckily the answer is yes! You can get a variety of Gift Cards at Walmart to gift to anyone you want.

To get more information about the Gift Card present at Walmart, give this article a read. You will get answers to all of your queries.

Does Walmart Sell Gift Cards in 2023?

Yes, Walmart is selling Gift Cards in 2023. These various Gift Cards can be used to buy electronics at Best Buy and other larger stores as well.

Walmart has its own Gift Cards and a wide range of branded cards at its store. You can get a single card or multiple cards to give to someone.

Yes, Walmart is selling Gift Cards

What Gift Cards Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells its own Gift Cards. Besides, Walmart has an extensive range of Third-party Branded Gift Cards, which include:

  • Department store Gift Cards
  • Gaming Gift Cards
  • Travelling Gift Cards
  • Entertainment Gift Cards
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Prepaid minute Gift Cards
  • Lifestyle Gift Cards

All of these Gift Cards are available at Walmart. You can easily buy them by visiting the store anytime.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Walmart Gift Card?

The Walmart Gift Card can cost you between $5 to $500.It entirely depends upon the type of Gift Card you are purchasing from Walmart.

But, once you have purchased it, there are no service charges. You can shop items from the stores easily. It has no expiry date and hidden charges while buying any product.

How to Buy Walmart Gift Cards?

You can buy Walmart Gift Cards online or at the stores. However, Walmart brick and mortar stores sell plastic Gift Cards only.

But, you can get physical and digital cards from their website.

You can easily purchase digital Walmart Gift Cards through PayPal. Once you get the delivery through email, you can share it with anyone with an email address.

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Can You Use Your Walmart Gift Card Somewhere Else?

Yes, you can use Walmart Gift Card at Walmart’s own retailers, Sam’s club in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Murphy USA Fuel Stations.

However, the largest American retailer stores, Best Buy and Amazon, do not accept Walmart Gift Cards to let you buy products from their store.

If you still want to get the alternative at Walmart, you can buy the Master Card Gift Card.

These Master Card Gift Cards are acceptable for shopping at any retail store that can accept these cards, including Best Buy.

Can You Return a Gift Card to Walmart?

No, once you buy a Gift Card from Walmart, there is no other way left to return it.

It includes all the Gift Cards available at the store, whether Walmart owns Gift Cards or non-Walmart Gift Cards. It is the official return policy of Walmart.

However, some states offer a partial refund at Walmart if you have a low balance on the Gift Cards.

Where Can You Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart?

You cannot buy Walmart Gift Cards anywhere except Walmart.

You can purchase Walmart Gift Cards from the Walmart store or its website. However, Walmart also owns Sam’s Club, so you can buy Walmart Gift Cards from them.

You can also buy Walmart E-Gift Cards via PayPal and can send others through email, or you can get them print yourself.

Walmart has not allowed selling its Gift Cards. Even Amazon does not sell its Gift Cards. So, if you are thinking of buying it from a third party selling it nearby, you will not get success.

Is It Possible to Cash a Walmart Gift Card With a Low Balance?

No, Walmart does not allow any cash back if you have a low balance on the Gift Card.

Even you cannot get the money back on exchanging Gift Cards at Walmart. However, some states like California offer cash on the low balance in Gift Cards.

But, these are very few exceptions. Typically you cannot ask for the money back at Walmart.

Is It Possible to Move Money From a Walmart Gift Card to a Debit Card?

No, you do not have an option to transfer your money from a Walmart Gift Card to Debit Card.

You cannot transfer the funds to any bank account, or other Gift Card o,r credit. You can just use the Walmart Gift Card money to make any purchase at any time.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

No, Walmart does not sell Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon and Walmart are the largest retail store in the U.S, so they are the major competitors in the American market.

Both of these largest stores do not sell Gift Cards to its competitor. However, still, you can get the Amazon Gift Cards at Walmart being sold by the third seller.

Otherwise, you will not find Amazon Gift Cards directly at the Walmart store.

Can You Exchange Third-party Gift Cards With Walmart?

Yes, you can exchange third-party Gift Cards with Walmart for now. Walmart has started the Gift Card exchange program.

If you need to exchange your Gift Card at Walmart, you will be getting a little deduction in your original card value.

For the Walmart Card, you can get 80 to 97% of the original value. But while exchanging the third-party Gift Cards, you can receive 70 to 80% of the actual Gift Card value.

You can exchange your Gift cards within 90 days of your purchase. But, you will have to show your receipt.

If you have lost your receipt, you need to get your Government ID for verification.

However, this policy is not permanent yet! So, before making up your mind about exchanging Gift Cards, it is better to read their updated policy first.

Do Walmart Gift Cards Expire?

No, the Walmart Gift Cards do not expire at all. You can easily make purchases at Walmart any time after you have bought them.

You can keep your Walmart Gift Cards with you until you have sufficient balance in them. So, buy your Gift Card and use it without fear of expiry.


Walmart is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of products, and yes, they do sell gift cards! Whether you are looking for their branded gift cards or third-party options, Walmart has got you covered.

From department store and gaming gift cards to prepaid minute and lifestyle gift cards, there is something for everyone.

And with the convenience of being able to purchase both physical and digital gift cards, you can easily send a thoughtful gift to a loved one with just a few clicks.

While there are some limitations on where you can use Walmart gift cards, it’s still a great option for those looking to purchase items at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Murphy USA Fuel Stations.

So next time you’re in need of a gift, consider picking up a Walmart gift card and giving the gift of choice!

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