Does Walmart Sell Fish in 2023? Have They Stopped Selling?

does walmart sell fish

It seems that there is nothing left that Walmart doesn’t sell. From food and drink to home essentials and much more.

So, if you want to know, Does Walmart sell fish? You have arrived at the correct place!

Does Walmart Sell Live Fish?

I’m sorry, but Walmart does not currently carry live fish. It used to sell live fish in more than 1600 stores in the US.

However, due to the pressure from Animal Rights Organizations, the biggest retail corporation has agreed to halt the practice.

Walmart said in March 2019 that it would be discontinuing the sale of live plants and fish from its stores.

There was no set time or method for moving the fish tanks, and it was left to the individual store to implement the new policy.

Walmart didn’t stop selling live fish in its seafood departments until October of that year. From then onwards, Walmart has not sold any live fish.

However, Walmart does sell pet fish supplies, and the customers can easily purchase them from any nearby Walmart store.

Why did Walmart stop selling Live Fish?

Previously, Walmart was responsible for over 30% of all pet fish sales in the USA.

However, Walmart’s decision to stop selling live fish was mainly because of 2 reasons. 

1. PETA:

The leading Animal Rights Organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been protesting the sale of live Fish in Walmart stores.

PETA has been fighting against the sale of live fish for over a decade now.

The organization claimed Walmart did not provide the fish with adequate water or food.

PETA protested on many platforms to stop this act, and finally, Walmart decided to stop the selling of live fish. 

2. Low Demand & Sales:

Demand from the general public came first. Live fish sales seem to be declining, maybe due to the sickly appearance of many of the fish on exhibit in the shops.

Potential consumers found this to be a drawback as well.

According to surveys, Dogs and Cats are the two most popular pets for American households.

At the same time, aquariums required large space at Walmart Stores. It made sense to cut back on the space with such low sales.

When Did Walmart Stop Selling Live Fish?

Walmart said in March 2019 that it would begin decreasing the sale of live fish and finally stop the whole process. While several shops began the change simultaneously, not all of them did so.

At first, Walmart let their Store Managers decide when to remove aquariums from their specific shops, despite their vow to end the practice.

It took until October 2019 for the transfer to be completed.

Does Walmart Still Have Fish Supplies?

Despite the fact that Walmart no longer carries live fish, you can still get all of your fish supplies there.

There are more than 8500 fish supply items available at Walmart. However, it may vary from store to store.

Fish tanks, filtration systems, temperature meters, Aquarium stands, Aquarium cleaning accessories and much more may be found at various stores.

What Fish Did Walmart Sell?

Walmart used to sell a wide variety of tropical and freshwater fish, all of which had to be imported.

The most popular Fish of Walmart included Betta, Tetram, Oscar, and Cichlid.

Betta fish was the main source of dispute between Walmart and PETA, as it required adequate water and food. 

Does Walmart Sell Other Live Animals?

No, from October 2019, Walmart does not sell any live animals.

Now that live fish are no longer being sold at Walmart, the retailer offers pet supplies solely.

Where Can I buy Live Fish?

There are still plenty of locations to buy live fish if you want to increase your fish family or start your first Aquarium.

Live fish and aquarium accessories are available at major pet stores like PetSmart and Petco.

You can also buy live fish online through platforms like Aquatic Arts, Imperial Tropicals, Auqa Bid, Live Aquaria, and Aquarium Co-op.

However, you incur the danger of discovering fish in unhealthy circumstances, so locating a reliable online breeder is a preferable alternative.

To summarize, conducting research is critical. Check out the living conditions, policies, and reviews from previous customers.


Final Thoughts: Does Walmart Sell Fish?

In the United States, Walmart was once the largest retailer of live fish. However, owing to public criticism about the retailer’s treatment of the animals, Walmart stopped selling live fish in 2019.

Supplies for your pet fish are still available at Walmart stores and online. In addition, if you’re looking for a certain kind of fish, there are lots of pet stores and internet fish shops to choose from.

I hope I’ve answered all of your queries regarding Does Walmart Sell Fish? See you next time!

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