Does Walmart Sell Fake Products? Beware!

Walmart is a big name and is undeniably one of the most frequented retailers among buyers.

Walmart’s marketplace is always open for third-party sellers to sell items along with Walmart’s first-party listings.

This makes us wonder does Walmart also sells fake products? How can we make sure that the products on Walmart are not counterfeit?

In this guide, you will get answers to all of your queries regarding fake products. Let’s discover!

Does Walmart Sell Fake Products?

Does Walmart Sell Fake Products

It is known that many third-party sellers do sell fake products on Walmart.

Although Walmart has anti-counterfeit measures to avoid selling phony stuff, it is possible to get counterfeit products.

Just like in any other central online marketplace, a considerable number of third-party sellers are working under the name of Walmart.

A few of them might be selling counterfeit products. We advise you always to be careful when buying branded items and spending hundreds of dollars.

How Can You Tell if Online Products Are Fake?

You must be worried to know about counterfeit products being sold at Walmart. Don’t worry.

Here we will be telling you tips on how to tell if the online products are fake.

1.     Price Tag

A low price tag is the most obvious red flag.

If the product cost is way too low or there is a huge discount offer, the product is suspected to be fake.

2.     Dubious Website

Firstly, you must always buy stuff from brands’ official websites.

People often go to other places to find reasonable prices. If you land on any random site, you do not recognize it.

You can always check the web address with a domain checking tool and not turn a blind eye if the domain is not listed.

3.     Customer reviews

The people who have practically tested the product can tell you a lot about it.

Always check the ratings and the feedback before buying.

4.     Images

Fake products look very similar to original ones and are often hard to spot.

However, by comparing the labels, receipts, and manufacturing origin, you can get to know if it is a counterfeit product.

5.     Product descriptions

Fraudsters often neglect minor details and product descriptions.

If you analyze the item description and cross-reference it, you would see the lack of information if the item is not genuine.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Cologne?

No, Walmart does not sell fake cologne. They are indeed real and 100% authentic in most cases. The packaging comes with a hologram and is known to be genuine.

However, a few buyers have had a bad user experience and complain that the scent does not last long, and the product seems different compared to authentic cologne.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Apple Products?

Walmart is an authorized reseller of Apple products.

Still, many purchasers had found their Apple products fake when they bought from Walmart.

Especially with Apple AirPods, users are highly disappointed. If you plan to buy any Apple product from Walmart, you must check the customer reviews on that product.

And, we must say that it is always better to buy Apple products from their official store.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Flowers?

Yes, Walmart has a wide variety of beautiful, decorative fake flowers that look real.

You can buy all sorts of flowers like bouquets, wedding flowers, vintage flowers, and bundles of different flowers.

The price ranges from $2 to $95+ depending on the product’s quality and appearance.

You can also get a flower vase with your flowers as a wide range of products are available.

Do Walmart Sell Fake Ps4 Controllers?

There is a possibility of ps4 controller being fake if you buy it from Walmart just for the sake of low price.

According to customer reviews, Walmart is not a good place to get yourself a ps4 controller.

Many buyers have claimed that their controller was fake with a slightly different appearance and damaged.

So, unless the controller is a licensed Sony product, you must never get it from Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Nose Rings?

Yes, Walmart does sell fake nose rings that you can wear without piercing.

However, note that fake nose rings are not available for in-store orders. So, you will have to buy them online from the website.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Tattoos?

Yes, temporary tattoos are available at Walmart in the body makeup section.

The prices are low, and there are 1000+ products available on the website.

However, for in-store orders, the availability of the products cannot be guaranteed as there is just a limited quantity available.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Airpods?

Walmart is known to sell genuine Apple products whether you buy them online or in-store.

However, a copy of Apple AirPods is available at Walmart for a much lower price.

These AirPods are fake and are available for just $30. According to customer reviews, many sound, battery, and connectivity issues exist.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Mustaches?

Yes, Walmart sells fake mustaches. You can buy them from the “Party & Occasions” section.

Mustaches of different designs, shapes, and colors are reasonably priced. You can get them according to your preference. 

Does Walmart Sell Fake Nails?

If you are obsessed with nail aesthetics, you must be happy to know that Walmart has all kinds of fake nails on its website.

There are nails of different shapes and designs. You can even get clear nails and design them yourself.

Note that limited products are available for in-store orders, so you must check the website for availability.

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Walmart may sell some counterfeit products, but you need to be careful and check the information before purchasing.

It is better to buy from Walmart rather than from third-party sellers, so you can avoid any scams or fake products.

We hope this guide has proved helpful for you and that you are no longer stressed about buying fake products.

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