Does Walmart Sell Fabric in 2023? Paint, Dye, & More

Does Walmart Sell Fabric

Walmart is undoubtedly our favorite store for buying stuff at very reasonable prices.

Looking at the wide variety of all sorts of products available, you must be wondering does Walmart sells fabric as well.

Walmart is a big retail corporation where you can find almost everything. So, does it sell fabric too? Let’s read on to discover everything you need to know about it.

Does Walmart Sell Fabric?

Yes, Walmart offers a massive range of fabrics for any project. You can buy them in-store and online from the Arts, Crafts & Sewing department.

The store has a variety of fabrics to display. You can find materials like cotton, Burlap and jute, lace, canvas, fleece, Tulle, Batting, and Interfacing.

It has a wide price range with high-quality products that you can get per your needs and preferences.

Walmart has made it easy to find the type of fabric you want as you can also find it according to your project needs.

It has categories such as Apparel fabric, Quilting fabric, Home decor fabric, and Outdoor fabric to help you choose the material.

Walmart Fabric

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Does Walmart Sell Fabric by the Yard?

Yes, Walmart sells fabric by the yard in stores and online on the website.

Along with it, Walmart also offers fabric by bolt, precut, and craft fabric so that you can shop fabric by size and type.

However, the availability of the products varies from in-store to online. Certain items are not available in the physical stores but online for shipping.

The price range starts from $3 per yard to $15+ per yard with 3+ day shipping if you order online.

Other queries related to Walmart:

Does Walmart Sell Sewing Machines?

Yes, Walmart sells all sorts of sewing machines.  With good fabric, you need a good sewing machine as well.

At Walmart, many types of sewing machines are available, such as portable, handheld, mechanical, heavy-duty, computerized, and more.

You can find sewing machines for beginners as well. Most products are from brands like Brother, SINGER, Janome, and Juki.

Sewing Machine at Walmart

Does Walmart Sell Fabric Paint?

Yes, you can buy a variety of fabric paints from Walmart.  

There are brush-on paints, spray paints, fabric markers, and several other types of color, which you will find in Walmart’s physical stores and online.

The top products are primarily from brands like Tulip, iLoveToCreate, Puffy, and Jacquard, with pricing ranging from $1 to $30+. You can get an individual color fabric paint or a pack of paint sets.

Some good-quality popular products have gotten 4 and 5 stars ratings from buyers, while a few other products are also rated with 1 star.

So, we advise you to also glance at the customer reviews before ordering the product.

Does Walmart Sell Fabric Dye?

Yes, Walmart also sells fabric dye. Just like fabric paint, there is a wide variety of fabric dyes available at Walmart.

Products vary from the basic tie and dye color pastels to All Purpose Powder dye and All Purpose Liquid dye from top brands like Rit, Tulip, Jacquard, and NAKOMA PRODUCTS.

You can buy your desired color dye at low prices, from $1 to $15+.

Does Walmart Sell Fabric Glue?

Yes, you can buy fabric glues from Walmart stores.

However, if you buy it from a physical Walmart store, make sure to check the availability on the website first. Usually, fabric glue is limited, and not many products are available at the store.

At Walmart, you can find fabric glue from brands like Aleene’s, Beacon, Secure Stitch, and iLoveToCreate, ranging from $2 to $10+.

These are liquid adhesives that can be used for pretty much all sorts of fabrics.

Does Walmart Sell Fabric in Canada?

If you are a Canadian, this is good for you that, yes, Walmart does sell fabric in Canada.

There are a lot of Walmart stores all over Canada. You can go to Walmart Canada or shop online.

Does Walmart Sell Cloth Diapers?

Yes, Walmart has an extensive collection of cloth diapers available at reasonable prices.

You can find cloth diapers from brands like Charlie Banana, Splash About, and Gerber, which are washable, breathable, size adjustable, and hygienic to keep the kid in comfort.

You can get them in multiple colors and with cute designs.

There are some fantastic five-star-rated products that also come with multiple benefits for infants.

Some people have found the cloth diapers from Walmart very soft and comfortable, while others have several complaints.

Final Thoughts

Walmart has a massive range of fabrics for regular use. At Walmart, you can find fabric paints, glue, dye, and everything you need.

It may not be ideal for premium quality fabric and other fabric-related stuff, but it is the best option with easy access and affordable prices.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you and got you answers to all of your questions.

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