Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice in 2023?

Does Walmart sell Dry Ice

From food and apparel to gadgets and toys, Walmart is one of the world’s biggest stores. They also sell various products, including some very cold items that you might not know about.

One of these cool items is dry ice. Today, we will take a look at does Walmart sell dry ice. What did we find?

Let’s take a look!

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Walmart sells dry ice for cooling purposes, and it is available in various sizes, shapes, and capacities. You’ll find self-serve dry ice freezers by the entryway or beside the regular ice in the Penguin Ice freezers.

Always check with the store ahead of time to ensure they have dry ice on hand since they occasionally run out, and some Walmarts just don’t carry it.

Walmart sells Dry Ice under the “Penguin Dry Ice” brand name.

Yes, Walmart sells dry ice for cooling purposes, and it is available in various sizes, shapes, and capacities

Why do some Walmart stores not stock Dry Ice?

Storing dry ice is quite a challenging task because of its ability to readily sublimate or gasify. Thus, it’s possible that it won’t be available at all Walmart locations.

Dry ice, for instance, commonly freezes at about -78.5oC. This means that Walmart needs to install special freezers to store dry ice.

Some Walmart stores may have difficulty keeping it in the freezer with other frozen foods due to this.

As a result, we recommend that you first phone the shop closest to you and inquire about its operation hours.

What is the cost of dry ice per pound at Walmart?

Depending on the retail location, the price of dried ice changes. The Penguin dry ice is the sole brand available at most Walmart shops that offer dry ice.

Walmart beats out the competition by a wide margin when it comes to price.

At Walmart, you can get the dry ice for $1.44/lb, but other retail stores sell theirs for $1.00-$3.00/lb. Thus Walmart is the most affordable option.

However, you can check by calling your local Walmart store to confirm the price.

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What Is The Best Way To Find Out If My Local Walmart Has Dry Ice?

Preparing ahead of time for dry ice is critical to avoid disappointment. It’s best to call your local Walmart ahead of time to find out whether or not dry ice is available. 

Dry ice isn’t accessible online like other Walmart products, so keep that. The store locator is a great way to find out the exact location of your local stores. 

You will be required to either enter the city, state, or ZIP code to find the closest shop. The phone number of the store will be included in the information. 

After that, you have to ask the Walmart employee who replies whether they offer dry ice.

As a result of our study, Walmarts that carry bags of ice are more likely to carry dry ice.

Where Can You Get Dry Ice At Walmart?

Dry Ice is very delicate; that is the reason it is maintained in Penguin Dry Ice Freezers to keep it at the required freezing temperature and protect it from melting.

The scariest place about ice is its coolness, and it takes around 24 hours for it to turn into gas.

The dry ice is located near the checkout table at the storefront; if it’s still tough to find, ask a Walmart employee for assistance to save you time traveling.

You might require the assistance of an employee if you don’t have the required gloves, as it can damage your hands. 

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need an insulated cooler to store and carry any dry ice you buy, which you can get at Walmart or online.

Does Walmart sell Dry Ice online?

Dry ice is not available for purchase online at Walmart. You can’t have it delivered from Walmart, and you can’t reserve it online and pick it up.

To buy dry ice, you must visit a Walmart store in person or by phone ahead of time and request that some be set aside for you.

If you’re looking for dry ice online, I recommend reading my post on where to purchase dry ice, which covers a variety of options for purchasing dry ice near you.

How to buy Dry Ice Online?

Dry Ice Delivered is one of the few locations where you can buy dry ice online and have it delivered to you. Dry ice in bulk may be purchased from this website.

However, the minimum order quantity is 10 lbs, and the price is around $1.15 for orders between 10-24 lbs. The price also decreases when the order quantity is increased.

Another drawback is that shipping is costly.

You may get 10 pounds order of dry ice for $11.5, but you’ll have to spend $20-$60 to have it transported to you, which may take days, and it could sublimate or turn into gas.

Hence, purchasing dry ice from your local Walmart or other local retailer is likely to be far less expensive.

Is Dry Ice Safe?

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. It’s often used as a refrigerant in food storage and preservation, as well as in the production of industrial gases.

Though dry ice can be quite dangerous, if used in moderation, it is safe to use and can be stored indefinitely.

You should never store dry ice near electronics, and ensure that it’s kept away from children and pets.

Does any other store sell dry ice?

Many other big supermarket chains, in addition to Walmart, carry dry ice at some of their locations.

These include, Costco, Publix, Meijer, Safeway, and Kroger. 

Final Thoughts: Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

Some Walmart locations sell dry ice, but not all. As a result, if you need Dry Ice for any of your events, whether you’re in a rush or just want to save time, contact your nearest Walmart for help.

Because of its rapid evaporation, it’s best to buy Dry Ice a few hours ahead of time. To avoid any inconvenience, do not buy it ahead of time. 

If you are still unable to find dry at any of the locations we have described, you may ask your local ice cream, as they will certainly have it. 

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