Does Walmart Sell Cookie Cakes? & Who Makes Them?

Does Walmart Sell Cookie Cakes

Hello, cookie lovers! I know you’re here because you’ve been asking yourself, “Does Walmart sell cookie cakes?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to answer all your cookie-cake questions and a little more!

Does Walmart Sell Cookie Cakes?

Yes! Walmart certainly does sell cookie cakes. Whether it’s for a birthday party, an office celebration, or just to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can find a delicious variety of cookie cakes at Walmart.

They offer both online and in-store purchases for these tasty treats. The price might vary depending on the size and customization of the cookie cake, but generally, they’re quite affordable.

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Does Walmart Make Cookie Cakes?

Yes, indeed! Walmart not only sells cookie cakes, but they also make them. Walmart’s bakery section is quite renowned for its diverse selection of cakes and pastries, including our beloved cookie cakes.

You have the freedom to choose from their pre-made designs or customize your own. You can select the icing colors, add personalized messages, and even choose some unique decorations. It’s like being in your own episode of a baking show, isn’t it?

Walmart Cookie Cake

Who Invented Cookie Cake?

Isn’t it fascinating how some of our favorite treats came to be? The cookie cake, as we know it today, was invented by two innovators named Michael Coles and Arthur Karp.

They were the founders of the Great American Cookie Company, where the first cookie cake was sold in 1977. Their innovation has been delighting sweet tooths around the world ever since.

What is the Name of Cookie Cake?

This question might seem a bit confusing, but I think I understand what you’re asking. The term “cookie cake” is quite straightforward. It’s a cake made out of cookie dough.

However, it’s also known as a “giant cookie” or a “cookie pizza” in some places. The name might vary depending on the region, but the deliciousness stays constant!

Is a Cookie Cake the Same as a Cookie?

While cookie cakes are made from cookie dough, they’re not exactly the same as your traditional cookie. Cookie cakes are typically larger and thicker than regular cookies.

Think of it as a pizza-sized cookie that you can decorate with icing and other toppings. It’s also sliced and served like a cake. But don’t worry, the familiar, comforting taste of a cookie is still there, just in a fun, new format!

If you want to make a cookie cake yourself, check out the following video:

How Long Do Cookie Cakes Last?

The lifespan of a cookie cake largely depends on how you store it. If stored properly in an airtight container at room temperature, a cookie cake can last up to 5-7 days. However, if you ask me, it’s quite challenging to resist finishing off a delicious cookie cake in just a couple of days!

Before we wrap up, you might be wondering about other things Walmart sells or its policies. In case you’re curious, yes, Walmart does sell boxes, and you can grab some while picking up your cookie cake.

Wondering about payment methods? Well, Walmart does take Mastercard. If you’re health-conscious like me, you’ll be happy to know that Walmart does sell Keto bread too.


So, there you have it, folks! We’ve unraveled the delicious mystery of cookie cakes at Walmart.

The sweet journey has not only confirmed that Walmart does indeed sell and make cookie cakes but also enlightened us about the origin and nature of these delectable treats.

Through our exploration, we’ve also discovered other intriguing aspects of Walmart’s offerings and services. It’s always amazing how much there is to learn, even about everyday places like Walmart.

Remember, no matter what the occasion or day, never hesitate to indulge in a slice (or more!) of cookie cake. After all, every day is worth celebrating with a little sweetness. Enjoy your shopping, and more importantly, enjoy your cookie cake!

Stay tuned for more interesting facts, tips, and discussions. Until then, keep your curiosity alive and your sweet tooth satisfied!

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