Does Walmart Sell Cars & Accessories in 2023?

Does Walmart Sell Cars

Does the thought of buying a car ever cross your mind, and you wonder, “Does Walmart sell cars?”

It might seem strange to some, but believe it or not, Walmart actually does sell cars. Plus, they also sell various auto parts.

So, if you’re in the market for a new or used car, Walmart should definitely be one of your stops. Stay tuned for more insights into the world of car buying.

Does Walmart Sell Cars?

Cars at Walmart

Yes, Walmart sells cars. They are in partnership with CarSaver, where you can buy every type of used and new car.

At Walmart, not only can you purchase a car, but also get it on lease and insure it under one roof. Additionally, you can also sell your car.

Another advantage of purchasing a car from Walmart is that they give you a CarSaver’s Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty includes repair, drivetrain, and transmission as long as the vehicle is in your ownership.

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Does Walmart Sell Fuses for Cars?

Yes, Walmart does sell fuses for cars. You can find them in the automotive department or online.

They sell various varieties of fuses so that you can get the optimum option for your automobile. The average price ranges from $3 to $15, depending on the design and the brand.

Plus, always check the amperage rating of the fuse to ensure you get the right one for your car.

Does Walmart Sell Headlights for Cars?

Yes, Walmart does have headlights for cars.

You can find a variety of headlights, including halogen headlights, LED headlights, and Xenon headlights. If you’re unsure which type of headlight is best for your car, Walmart has a guide to help you choose.

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Does Walmart Sell Spark Plug for Cars?

Absolutely, Walmart has a pretty good selection of spark plugs for all sorts of cars. You can find them in the automotive section of the store.

Whether you need a standard spark plug or a more specialized one, Walmart will surely have what you need. You can get a spark plug for as low as $1.78. The price varies depending on the brand.

Does Walmart Sell Slim Jims for Cars?

Yes, you can buy slim jims for cars at Walmart. They are present in the auto and tires department.

The average price of slim jim at Walmart is around $15-$19. home delivery is also available, which may cost you an additional $8.45.

Does Walmart Sell Batteries for Cars?

Yes, you can find car batteries at Walmart. They have many car batteries to choose from, and you can also find various battery brands.

Plus, when you purchase a car battery from Walmart, they will also install it for free. Different battery brands at Walmart includes:

  • PowerStar
  • Chrome Battery
  • Mighty Max Battery
  • AJC
  • UpStart Components
  • VMAXTANKS and others

The price for an average battery starts at $100 and can go up to $400, depending on the model and brand.

Does Walmart Sell Freon for Cars?

Yes, Walmart does sell Freon for cars. You can find it in the Auto and Tires section of the store.

You can choose refrigerants like ultra synthetic, auto air conditioner, high mileage refrigerant, or refrigerant with leak sealer and UV dye.

The average price is $30. You can get an additional advantage through Walmart clearance, and reduced-price offers.

Does Walmart Sell Brakes for Cars?

Walmart Car Brakes

Yeah, Walmart has brakes in stock. You can buy brake parts, pads, front and back brakes, rotors, and brake kits.

The price may vary, but you can expect to pay up to $20 to $40 per set of pads. You can save delivery charges and may get extra bounces if you have a Walmart membership card.

Additionally, Walmart also offers 90-day free returns on brakes and related accessories.

Does Walmart Sell Air Filters for Cars?

Yes, Walmart sells air filters for cars. You can either buy a filter specific to your car’s model or an all-purpose filter.

They have different filters like an extra guard, ultra-premium, fresh breeze air filter, washable air filter, etc.

When shopping for an air filter, it’s important to consider the size of the filter. The filter should be the same size as or larger than the car’s air box opening.

Also, be sure to check the shape of the filter.

Does Walmart Sell Thermostats for Cars?

Yes, Walmart does sell thermostats for cars.

They come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to fit your vehicle.

Plus, they’re priced affordably, starting at $5.72 only. Moreover, you can get an additional advantage with a Walmart membership.

If you’re unsure which thermostat is right for your car, Walmart’s knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect one.

Final Verdict

Alright, here is the final verdict. Walmart definitely sells cars. Here, you can not only buy a car in cash but can also take it on lease.

Additionally, they also have various car parts like brakes, freons, air filters, batteries, fuses, and more.

The prices are quite affordable, and you can get additional benefits with their premium memberships.

So, did this guide help you? Or you got any other questions? Jot them in the comments so we can point you in the right direction.

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