Does Walmart Sell Brake Pads? Yess!

Does Walmart Sell Brake Pads in Store

Are you thinking of getting your car new brake pads, and there is no auto workshop nearby? We will make it easy for you.

Walmart is truly a one-stop shop for everything. This makes us wonder does Walmart sell brake pads?

Can you get your brake pads replaced by Walmart? Is it affordable? Here is what we have found!

Does Walmart Sell Brake Pads?

Yes, from brake pads to brake rotors and brake calipers, Walmart has it all. At Walmart, there is a wide range of brake pads and other related stuff.

does walmart replace brake pads

You can find the right parts for your vehicle according to its needs by putting in your vehicle’s name, model, and engine base, and the website will filter out the searches for you.

This helps a lot in choosing the brake pads suitable for your vehicle.

However, the availability of products cannot be guaranteed for in-store orders. You must check the website for availability before buying.

Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads?

If you were expecting an in-store brake replacement service from Walmart, this might disappoint you that, sadly, the Walmart Auto Service Center no longer offers brake replacement services in-store as of 2022.

Instead, they provide an at-home brake replacement service to give their customers maximum convenience.

This service is provided by Wrench Mobile Mechanic Service, which starts from $160.

You can also find tool sets and brake pads for sedans and 4X4 models at Walmart. Along with brake pad replacement, they also offer other auto care services at low rates.

Will Walmart Change My Brakes?

Yes, Walmart will change your brake pads by providing Wrench Mobile’s at-home services by a professional mechanic.

All you need to do is to purchase their at-home brake pad replacement service from

You will get an email to confirm your vehicle’s details so that you get the suitable brake pads delivered.

Through this process, you can schedule an appointment for a mechanic to visit your place.

Once the mechanic comes to your home, you can let him change your brake pads.

How Much Do Brake Pads Cost at Walmart?

Walmart has a wide variety of brake pads available on their website ranging from $8 to $75+.

The price of the brake pads largely depends on the quality and type of the brake pad. A regular quality brake pad set costs around $20 to $40.

Walmart’s brake pads are mainly from top brands like Power Stop, Wagner, AutoShack, and Raybestos.

Many brake pads are available for you, such as enhanced hybrid technology, and ceramic, semi-metallic, and disc brake pad sets with varying prices.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brake Pads at Walmart?

If you need a front axle brake pad replacement, it will cost about $200-$219.

However, if your car needs a complete caliper and rotor replacement, that will cost you more. The company charges $300-$400 for it.

Note that this price does not include labor work. So, apart from this, you will also have to pay for labor.

However, the cost of the brake fluid and other necessary parts are included in the prices mentioned above.

The brake pad replacement cost at Walmart is comparatively quite cheaper than at other places. But you must check other sites yourself to get satisfied with the pricing.

How Often Do You Change Brake Pads?

The need to change brake pads relies on your driving condition and style. On average, it is good to change your brake pads every 30,000 to 35,000 miles with urban use.

But if your vehicle lives in favorable conditions like accessible roads with little traffic, your brake pads can last 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

If you see your brake pads wearing down or notice a strange persisting squeaking sound coming from the brakes, you must consider changing them.

These indicators tell you that your car needs new brake pads.

Here is a video Guide on how to change Front and Rear Brake Pads.

What Hours Are Walmart’s Auto Center Available?

At Walmart, the Auto Service Centers stay open from 8 am to 6 pm throughout the week.

The timings for auto service centers are exact for every day unless it is a national holiday.

Walmart’s appointment scheduling is known for its excellent service. You can always confirm their working hours on the website before scheduling their auto services.


Final Thoughts

Brake pads are an essential item for vehicles, and you must get them replaced when it needs.

Walmart is a great option to buy brake pad sets and get them replaced if you want quick services and reasonable prices.

If you were thinking of getting your brake pads changed from Walmart, we hope this guide has helped you decide and learn all the information about their brake pad replacement services.

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