Does Walmart Sell Bikes in 2023? Are These Good?

Does Walmart Sell Bikes

Are you looking for a budget-friendly commute means? Well, it does not get better than a bike.

Bikes are quite popular among all age groups for traveling, sports, hobbies, etc. But where do you find the right bikes?

Little do many people know that bikes are sold at many supermarkets. You might be wondering, does Walmart sell bikes? Let’s find out!

Does Walmart Sell Bikes?

Yes, Walmart does sell bikes in its stores and online. In Walmart, you can find cruisers, commuters, mountain, and road bikes.

The benefit of buying a bike from Walmart is the discounted price. You will find limited-time deals that will save you up to 50% of the original price.

Walmart is also home to all the bike accessories you will need. That includes helmets, parts, locks, tires, etc. Currently, Walmart is offering up to $25 off on many models.

Are Walmart Bikes Good?

Walmart offers brand-new bikes at comparatively lower prices. Plus, all of them come with a 90-day return policy.

You will find a wide selection of bikes in Walmart stores. In short, yes, Walmart is a decent option for bikes.

The catch is that most Walmart bikes are targeted at new riders. If you are learning, these are great for you. And you can easily upgrade these bikes as your skills enhance.

However, many people have reported being handed low-quality bike components. Also, most bikes are not properly assembled. So, keep an eye out for that as well.

Are Walmart Bikes Assembled?

Most Walmart bikes come partially assembled. At the same time, some bikes are 90% assembled, meaning only one or two components aren’t attached.

Generally, Walmart bikes are assembled in employees by the employees.

It can be seen as a downside as these employees are not trained for assembly. That is why many people have reported assembly issues with Walmart bikes.

Does Walmart Sell Bike Tires?

Yes, you can buy bike tires from Walmart. As of yet, they have tires for cruisers, mountain bikes, and commuters for sale.

You can also view all the available options on the Walmart website. There, you can narrow down the search by bicycle wheel size and width.

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Does Walmart Have Bike Racks?

Most Walmart locations do not have bike racks outside the stores. That leads to many inconveniences and serious problems, like theft.

However, some Walmart stores have dedicated areas for bike racks. On the other hand, other locations allow bikers to park with other vehicles or in a safe spot.

Does Walmart Sell Electric Bikes?

Walmart Electric Bikes

Yes, Walmart does have a large selection of electric bikes. These are available in different sizes and motor powers.

Many electric bikes at Walmart are also capable of mountain riding. At the same time, you will also find options for cruising.

Does Walmart Sell Exercise Bikes?

Yes, exercise bikes are available at Walmart for sale. In this category, you will find more than 400 options. These include upright and indoor cycling exercise bikes.

Currently, many exercise bikes are available at discounted prices. You can sort them based on the materials.

Walmart has exercise bikes made of stainless steel and aluminum.

Does Walmart Sell Dirt Bikes?

Yes, Walmart is quite popular for its toy dirt bikes for kids. They also have options for teens and adults in electric dirt bikes.

Walmart sells battery-powered, electric, and gas dirt bikes in its stores.

Does Walmart Sell Giant Bikes?

Yes, Giant bikes are sold at Walmart. The store has Giant mountain, hybrid, and road bicycles.

Does Walmart Sell Trek Bikes?

Yes, Walmart does sell Trek bikes in various sizes.

Trek bikes are most commonly used for everyday commuting. You will find many commute bikes at Walmart, including Trek.


Walmart does have an exciting range of bikes in its stores. These include commuters, mountain bikes, cruisers, and electric bikes.

They also have hybrid bikes by some of the most popular and familiar brands you will know. Additionally, Walmart is home to all bike accessories you’ll require.

Other than affordable prices, home delivery is also a helpful option. You can order most bikes from the Walmart website and receive them at your doorstep.

Since most bikes come assembled, you do not have to waste any more time. Unpack your bike, and you are all set to rock the roads!

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