Does Walmart Sell Batteries in 2023? (Types + More)

Does Walmart Sell Batteries

Batteries are an absolute must-have item in every home. In case of a power outage, they will provide the backup energy needed to keep your high-tech devices running. Does Walmart sell batteries?

Is it a good idea to buy them there? Let’s look at what batteries Walmart sells, how much they cost, and whether or not there is an official retail desktop storefront that sells batteries.

Does Walmart Sell Batteries in 2023?

Yes, Walmart does sell batteries. The store sells different batteries, including AA, AAA, and even more specialized types like 9V and coin cell batteries.

Battery sales are a big part of the business for some Walmart locations because they’re an affordable way to ensure that customers can power their devices.

Furthermore, if you need a specific type of battery for a hearing aid or a remote car starter, Walmart will most likely have it in stock.

What Kind of Batteries Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells batteries from multiple brands like EverStart, Duracell, Panasonic, Eneloop, energizer, and many more.

Moreover, the answer ultimately depends on what kind of battery you’re looking for.

If you need something generic like an AA or AAA battery, then Walmart’s covered you with a wide selection of brands.

Does Walmart Sell Car Batteries?

Yes, Walmart does sell Car Batteries.

They carry a variety of them, including standard lead-acid batteries and more advanced lithium-ion types. You can find a battery for most vehicles that will work with your make and model.

Furthermore, Walmart sells both standard and deep-cycle batteries. The difference between the 2  types is that standard car batteries provide power for short periods, while deep cycle ones can be used repeatedly without depleting.

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Does Walmart Sell Watch Batteries?

Yes, Walmart sells watch batteries.

Walmart sells batteries of all kinds, including watch batteries. The battery size for your watch will be printed on the back of the watch or in its instruction manual.

Does Walmart Replace Watch Batteries?

While Walmart does not generally offer watch battery replacement services, they carry watch batteries and watch repair kits that allow you to replace the battery.

If you are comfortable with performing the battery replacement on your own, you can purchase the necessary items at your local Walmart.

It’s also worth noting that some Jewelry counters at Walmart locations may assist with battery replacements in some cases.

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Does Walmart Sell Interstate Batteries?

Does Walmart sell Interstate Batteries

Walmart sells Interstate Batteries.

The store sells these batteries because they are well known for their high quality and long life.

You can find the Interstate battery that fits your vehicle’s make and model and the correct battery for your specific needs.

Moreover, Walmart also carries Interstate batteries in AGM, maintenance-free and deep-cycle varieties in various capacities. The AGM battery is best for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The maintenance-free battery is best for boats, motorcycles, and ATVs. The deep cycle battery is best for golf carts and other vehicles that require frequent charging.

Does Walmart Sell Autocraft Batteries?

Walmart sells a wide variety of Autocraft batteries.

The store offers the most competitive prices on the market. Autocraft is known for its high-quality batteries at a low price point, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to save money on their next battery purchase.

The Walmart site offers many options for selecting a battery for your car, truck, or SUV. They have various sizes and models to fit most vehicles.

Does Walmart Sell Motorcycle Batteries?

Yes, Walmart sells motorcycle batteries. You can find them in the motorcycle batteries section of your local Walmart store.

Walmart offers a wide selection of motorcycle batteries at very affordable prices. These batteries are made by Interstate Batteries and will fit most motorcycles on the road today.

Does Walmart Sell ACDelco Batteries?

Yes, Walmart sells Acdelco batteries.

The battery brand is one of the most popular in the United States and is also sold at other major retailers like AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and more.

ACDelco batteries are generally designed to provide high performance at a reasonable price.

The company offers various options for different vehicles and situations, including deep cycle marine batteries, AGM motorcycle batteries, and gel-cell RV batteries.

Does Walmart Sell 18650 Batteries?

Yes, Walmart sells 18650 batteries. These are the same batteries used in flashlights and other small electronics.

Moreover, the 18650 battery is one of the most common types of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries on the market today. It’s also an “18-millimeter diameter by 65-millimeter length” battery.

Are Walmart Batteries Good?

When it comes to choosing a battery for your vehicle, it can be difficult to determine which brand is the best fit.

Walmart’s EverStart brand is a popular choice among drivers and is known for its quality and affordability.

These batteries are used in various cars, trucks, and SUVs and are available at Walmart locations nationwide.

In addition to their competitive pricing, EverStart batteries also come with a solid return and warranty policy, which can give consumers peace of mind when making a purchase.


I can confidently say that Walmart is a great place to buy batteries. They offer a wide selection of batteries from multiple brands, including AA, AAA, car batteries, watch batteries, and even specialized types like hearing aid batteries.

Whether you need a battery for your car, watch, or any other device, you can find it at Walmart. Plus, these are inexpensive, so you can easily replace your old battery with a new one.

This can help your devices last longer than they have in the past, saving you money on repairs and battery replacements down the road.

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