Does Walmart Sell Balloons in 2023? (Types +More)

What’s common in birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and parties? The answer is decoration. And in decorative items, balloons are the first and foremost.

Colorful balloons elevate the experience of any occasion. Plus, they fill the place with color too!

So, where do you buy balloons from? You might be surprised that many supermarkets sell a wide variety of balloons. But Does Walmart sell balloons? Let’s find out!

Does Walmart Sell Balloons in 2023?

Yes, Walmart has a broad selection of balloons. You can buy colorful latex and theme based balloons from your nearest Walmart.

Walmart also offers balloons for specific themes, such as birthdays.

You can narrow down your search on the website by filtering the occasion. It also allows you to view balloons based on color, price, material, rating, etc.

Does Walmart Sell Balloons

Can You Get Balloons Filled at Walmart?

Yes and no. Only some Walmart stores fill up balloons. The ones that do have the filling facilities, such as an air pump.

You can get your balloons filled up at some selected Walmart locations. They only charge $0.25 per balloon, making it one of the lowest fees compared to other stores. But the catch is that this service is unavailable in all stores.

How to know which Walmart store fills up balloons? The easy method is to contact your nearest location and ask whether they have the service.

What Are Walmart Balloons Made of?

Generally, most Walmart balloons are made of latex. Other than that, you will also find plastic, PVC, rubber, and synthetic balloons.

As mentioned earlier, you can filter your search by selecting the desired material on the Walmart website.

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Does Walmart Sell Balloons With Helium?

Yes, Walmart does sell helium balloons.

Additionally, you can also buy a helium tank separately. Some balloons come with a complete kit, including a helium tank, assorted balloons, and ribbons.

These are more expensive than regular balloon sets, costing around $28 – $33.

Read the below articles to find the availability of balloons at other stores:

Does Walmart Sell Birthday Balloons?

Yes, you can buy a variety of birthday balloons from Walmart. They offer assorted sets, character-shaped balloons, and alphabetical balloons.

The colors are also available in a wide range. On top of that, you can buy balloons based on the birthday boy/girl’s age range.

Walmart offers balloons for 1st birthday all the way to the 90th birthday.

Does Walmart Sell Number Balloons?

Number Balloons Walmart

Yes, you can buy number balloons, as they are available at all Walmart locations.

You can buy simple number balloons with solid colors. Or, you can also opt for the confetti ones to step up the party decorations.

Either way, they are available in a large range of colors. Additionally, you can also buy alphabet balloons.

Does Walmart Sell Inflated Balloons?

Only some selected Walmart stores sell inflated balloons. That may be due to the lack of storage facilities for this product.

Only a few Walmart locations have facilities for mylar and standard balloon inflation. They also allow you to burst your used balloons.

Does Walmart Sell Mylar Balloons?

Yes, Walmart does sell Mylar balloons. If you do not know what they are, they have basically foiled balloons.

You can buy mylar balloons in different shapes and sizes. They are sold separately as well as in sets.

Does Walmart Sell Water Balloons?

Yes, water balloons are sold at almost all Walmart stores.

Generally, they are sold in packets of up to 100 water balloons. They are also available in plastic, the latest polyester, and rubber materials.

If you want to take the fun to the next level, you can also buy water blasters from Walmart.

What Kind of Balloons Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells a whole range of Balloons, including Latex, Mylar, Number, Water, Confetti, Balloon Arches, and many more.

However, the store is quite popular due to the vast variety of Latex Balloons.


It is safe to conclude that Walmart can be the day-saver regarding party decorations. If you are thinking of last-minute shopping, there’s no better option than Walmart.

It offers all the items you will require. They have balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, social gatherings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.

You can buy standard latex balloons or opt for more exciting options. The latter includes mylar balloons of different shapes, colors, and sizes.

If your nearest Walmart store fills up balloons, that’s an additional plus point. It will save you from the hassles so that you can focus on other preparations.

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