Does Walmart Sell Appliances in 2023? Brands, Price, More

Do you need a new appliance but don’t want to spend much money? Walmart might be the place for you.

But does Walmart sell appliances? The answer is yes, they do. You can find various appliances at Walmart, from refrigerators to air conditioners.

So if you need a new appliance, don’t forget to check out their selection.

Does Walmart Sell Appliances?

Yes, Walmart sells appliances. You can find refrigerators, LEDs, ACs, ovens, washers, and dryers. These are available both in-store, & online.

Plus, you can often find great deals on appliances at their stores, especially during special sales events.

Does Walmart Sell Appliances

What Appliances Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. They also sell microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and much more.

Some Walmart stores even have an appliance showroom where you can test the appliances before buying them.

Does Walmart Sell Refrigerators?

Yes, Walmart sells refrigerators.

You can find both chest and upright freezer models at Walmart stores or online. If you’re looking for a specific model or brand, you can use the search bar on the website to narrow down your options.

The prices for refrigerators start at around $70 for the mini freezer and go up. The rates really depend on the size and features you’re looking for.

Walmart Refrigerators

Apart from Walmart, Target also sells a wide range of refrigerators.

Does Walmart Sell Washers and Dryers?

Yes, Walmart sells both washers and dryers. In fact, they have a wide selection of both types of appliances to choose from.

You can find both front-load and top-load washers and gas and electric dryers. Plus, Walmart offers home delivery, so you can get your new washer or dryer delivered right to your door.

The prices start at $80 for portable washers and can go up to $1100 for the premium ones. However, you can save some dollars by buying a Walmart membership and via reduced-price offers.

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Does Walmart Sell Dishwashers?

Yes, Walmart does carry dishwashers.

They offer a wide variety of options to choose from, including both portable and built-in dishwashers.

Whether you’re looking for a small, compact dishwasher or the large one, Walmart has what you’re looking for.

Various brands offer dishwashers at Walmart, including Sunpentown, Whirlpool, ZLINE Kitchen, Frigidaire, etc. The average rates of dishwashers vary by around $300 for lower-end models.

Does Walmart Sell Microwaves?

Yes, you can buy microwaves at Walmart.

In fact, Walmart is a great place to buy microwaves because they offer a wide variety of affordable models.

They also offer excellent customer service and a convenient Return Policy if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

So if you’re looking for a new microwave, check out Walmart’s selection. The price for the lowest model starts at $45.

Does Walmart Sell Stoves?

Yes, Walmart does sell stoves.

You can find various stoves at Walmart, including electric, gas, and induction stoves.

You can also purchase stovetops, ovens, and ranges at Walmart. The prices vary and usually stay around $100 for lower models and $700+ for premium models.

Does Walmart Sell Mixers?

Yes, Walmart offers mixers.

They have a great selection of mixers, including stand mixers, hand mixers, and immersion blenders.

There are many different brands and models to choose from, so you can find the perfect mixer for your needs. You can own a mixer for as low as $14. The prices may go higher depending on the model.

Does Walmart Sell Juicers?

Yep, Walmart sells juicers. You can either buy a specific model or an all-in-one juicer.

And they have a pretty good selection, from simple manual juicers to more advanced models.

So if you’re looking for a juicer, Walmart is definitely a place to check out. You can buy a simple yet portable juicer for $18 at Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Toaster?

Yes, Walmart carries toaster ovens. You can find them in the toaster section of the kitchen appliances department.

Prices start at around $11 for a basic toaster oven and go up. Some models have unique features like a built-in broiler or toast level indicator light.

So whether you’re looking for a simple toaster oven for your first home or something fancier for your kitchen, Walmart has you covered.

What Is the Best Month to Buy Appliances From Walmart?

Some months may be better for getting a good deal on appliances.

For example, late winter (February or March) is often an excellent time to buy appliances at Walmart.

Because in this season, the store is preparing to clear out inventory for new models that will be released in the spring.

Also, holidays like Memorial Day weekend, president days, and New Year’s are typically good times to find discounts on appliances at Walmart.

And don’t forget Black Friday or Cyber Weekend when you can get a considerable discount.

Bottom Line:

Walmart is definitely the place to go if you’re in the market for a new appliance. You can find everything you need and more. And they offer bonus discounts and deals on special occasions.

Some Walmart stores have appliance showrooms where customers can test the appliances before making a purchase.

In addition, Walmart offers home delivery and a convenient return policy for purchases made in-store or online.

So whether you’re in the market for a brand-new mixer or just looking to upgrade your old washer, Walmart has got you covered.

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