Does Walgreens Take TRICARE in 2023? & How To Use It?

Does Walgreens Take TRICARE

Walgreens is one of the biggest pharmacy chains. It accepts several payment methods, making it a go-to place. People highly prefer it for its convenience factor. The pharmacy chain also accepts several healthcare programs. And that leads us to one of the most frequently asked questions.

Does Walgreens take TRICARE? Since many other pharmacies accept this program, people are confused about whether Walgreens takes it or not. Well, here is everything you need to know about it.

Does Walgreens Take TRICARE?

Yes, Walgreens does take TRICARE as of 2023. It is accepted at over 8,000 pharmacies. You can use this service at all Walgreens locations.

TRICARE is a government-backed program for military individuals and their families. It covers all the medical supplies, services, and essentials.

Luckily, Walgreens is part of the TRICARE network. Other pharmacy chains in this network include Rite Aid, CVS, and Kroger.

Some changes were made in December 2021. Walmart and Sam’s Club were removed from the TRICARE network.

So, many people were confused about the status of Walgreens. Well, it is still part of the healthcare program.

Tricare at Walgreens

How do you use TRICARE at Walgreens?

You can use TRICARE at Walgreens by presenting your card and your prescription during checkout.

The first thing is to get a prescription. It is necessary to buy prescribed drugs using TRICARE. You can get one from your card issuer. Once you have that, you are ready to shop at Walgreens. Here’s how to use it:

  • Go to the checkout terminal.
  • Present your TRICARE card or prescription to the cashier.
  • Let them verify your purchase.

After that, you have to pay for the non-eligible items in your order (if there are any). Note that TRICARE only works on eligible services and supplies. The program clearly states that you can not buy products that are not necessary to treat an illness.

Why is Walgreens Not Accepting TRICARE?

It could be due to an invalid prescription. We have tried almost all Walgreens pharmacies, and they take TRICARE without any issues.

There could be several reasons why Walgreens may not accept your TRICARE. For instance, your prescription could be invalid. In that case, the only solution is to contact your issuer. You can also reach TRICARE’s customer support.

Another reason could be an unauthorized location. Although most Walgreens pharmacies do accept TRICARE, some may not. It is better to contact your nearest location beforehand. You should also check that you are using TRICARE for eligible products. It may not work on all medical supplies and services.

Is Walgreens Dropping TRICARE Network Pharmacy?

No, Walgreens is not dropping the TRICARE network pharmacy as of 2023.

There has been a change in guidelines provided by the TRICARE network. The healthcare program is making some adjustments from October 2022. However, many pharmacies are not happy with these changes.

Almost 15,000 independent and community pharmacies are leaving the network this year.

Luckily, Walgreens is not on that list. As far as we know, it continues to be a part of the TRICARE network pharmacy.

What Pharmacies Take TRICARE?

Publix also accepts TRICARE, while other pharmacies include Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger.

Note that TRICARE is available at over 56,000 pharmacies throughout the country. But the number will be subtracted within this year.

According to recent news, many pharmacy chains are dissatisfied with TRICARE’s new changes. And almost 15,000 pharmacies will be dropping out of the network. After the changes in 2021, Walmart was not also not part of TRICARE.

But still, TRICARE is quite convenient to access. According to Peter Graves, the spokesman of the Defense Health Agency, “Nearly 95% of beneficiaries will maintain access to at least two network pharmacies within 15 minutes from their home, and 99.8% will have access within 30 minutes.”

Does TRICARE cover Plan B at Walgreens?

Yes, TRICARE does cover Plan B at Walgreens.

Almost all Walgreens pharmacies can help you with PLAN B (morning after pill). TRICARE also covers it.

That’s because it falls into the category of over-the-counter drugs and supplies. However, these are sold without a prescription from a doctor.

Is TRICARE CVS or Walgreens?

Both CVS and Walgreens are part of the TRICARE network. Even though they are competitors, they are part of this government-backed program.

Note that TRICARE is not a private program. Hence, it is not concerned with pharmacy competition.

Its main goal is to provide medical supplies and services to participants with convenience. That is why both CVS and Walgreens pharmacies are part of this network.

They are the two biggest pharmacy chains in the US. Hence, it is convenient for people to access TRICARE from these pharmacies.

Do you have to pay a Copay with TRICARE?

You do not have to pay a copay if you are not using the point-of-service option with TRICARE.

Remember that TRICARE does not require copayments as long as you fill a prescription outside a military pharmacy. The same is the case for non-active duty family members enrolled in the Prime Plan.

Besides that, you have to pay a copay with TRICARE. The prices vary depending on the program. They range from $46.70 to $512.

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To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide clears all your doubts about TRICARE and its availability at Walgreens. The popular pharmacy chain is part of the healthcare network. Luckily, it will continue to be.

Even with the recent changes, Walgreens is not planning to drop out of TRICARE. That means you can still conveniently buy medical supplies and services from your nearest Walgreens pharmacy.

One thing to consider is to head to an authorized location. Plus, bring your valid prescription to buy eligible items. And there’s nothing else to worry about using TRICARE at Walgreens!

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