Does Walgreens Sell Bread? (Types & Common FAQs)

Need bread to prepare a quick breakfast?

You can use bread to make many things, but where can you easily find it for everyday use? This might have made you wonder that does Walgreens sell bread.

We had the same question, and this is what we have found.

Does Walgreens Sell Bread in 2023?

Does Walgreens Sell Bread

Yes, Walgreens sells different types of bread. The bread is available online on their website as well.

You can find wheat bread, burger buns, oat bread, butter bread, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and a lot more similar stuff from the grocery section.

The most famous brands for bread are Kroger, Hostess, and Kings Hawaiian. Most of the bread packets cost no more than $4.

You must check the availability of pick-up, shipping, and delivery on the website first, as certain products might be unavailable.

Does Walgreens Sell Bread Crumbs?

No, bread crumbs are not available at Walgreens.

Bread crumbs can be very useful if you want a crunchy texture in your chicken pockets or cheese balls.

But you will have to go to some other grocery store to get bread crumbs as Walgreens does not offer bread crumbs in their store.

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Does Walgreens Sell Garlic Bread?

Yes, Walgreens keeps garlic bread in its store. However, there is not much variety of products in Walgreens.

When it comes to garlic bread, you will only find garlic texas toast and garlic-3 cheese texas toast on the website from the brand Kroger.

These garlic texas toasts are available for a very reasonable price, no more than $2.

Does Walgreens sell Garlic Bread

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Does Walgreens Sell Pita Bread?

If you are thinking of having some chicken on pita bread for dinner, Walgreens is not your place for now, as you would not find pita bread at Walgreens.

You may not get pita bread from Walgreens, but you can definitely buy some pita chips as snacks for yourself.

Pita chips from the brand Stacy’s come in various flavors like garlic and herbs, which you can get as per your preference.

Does Walgreens Sell Wheat Bread?

Yes, Walgreens does sell wheat bread from different brands such as Hostess, Sara Lee, and Nature’s Own.

A classic wheat bread loaf and honey wheat bread are also available. A 20oz packet of wheat bread at Walgreens costs around $3 to $4.

Does Walgreens Have Gingerbread Houses?

No, Walgreens does not sell edible gingerbread houses in-store or online on the website.

If you are planning to get one for the upcoming Christmas, you might want to get it from somewhere else or make it yourself at home.

However, if you need popped-up gingerbread houses made of paper, you can get them from Walgreens in the cards and stationery section.

The stylish 3D card also comes in a red envelope, which is absolutely amazing.

Does Walgreens Sell Hamburger Buns?

Are you thinking of preparing hamburgers at home? No worries, you can buy hamburgers from Walgreens.

A packet of 8 hamburger buns from Hostess costs $3.39. Pretty reasonable, right? Note that the price might vary from online to in-store orders.

Does Walgreens Sell Biscuits?

If you love munching biscuits at snack time, you must be at ease to know that Walgreens keep a massive variety of biscuits.

You will find biscuits and cookies in different flavors like coconut, butter, peanut butter, brown cinnamon sugar, almond, oat, blueberry, caramelized, and breakfast biscuits.

Most of the biscuits are from BelVita and Nature Valley. You can also buy dog biscuits and sandwich cookies in different flavors for your pet dog.

Does Walgreens Have Cream Cheese?

Yes, Walgreens has cream cheese available at their store for cream cheese lovers.

You can buy a cream cheese spread tub of 8oz, a twin pack (2 × 8oz), or a single pack of 8oz, according to your preference. The cream cheese at Walgreens is known to be original and tastes excellent.

Does Walgreens Have Unsalted Butter?

Yes, you can buy unsalted butter sticks from Walgreens.

Unsalted butter available on Walgreens’ website is only from the brand Kroger.

The product’s availability is not guaranteed for shipping and in-store orders, so you must check it on the website before buying.

Final Thoughts

Are you a Walgreens shopper and a foodie at heart? You will be happy to know that Walgreens offers a variety of food items for you to grab, ranging from different bread types to hamburger buns, biscuits, and cream cheese.

If you are looking for unsalted butter, it is there, but it’s only from one brand.

In short, Walgreens might not be your go-to grocery store, but it’s worth checking out when you need a quick bite or some essentials.

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