Does Walgreens Sell Boxes in 2023? Price, Variety, & More

Mailing, packaging, and shipping are hectic tasks. But, they all have one thing in common. That’s boxes. Finding quality boxes that can do the job without casualties can be challenging.

But, little you may know that some high-quality boxes are available at your nearest pharmacy stores.

The first name that comes to mind is Walgreens. So, does Walgreens sell boxes? If so, then which type? Here are all the answers you need!

Does Walgreens Sell Boxes?

does walgreens sell boxes

Yes, Walgreens does sell boxes in its stores. They have mailing, packaging, and shipping boxes for sale.

You can filter your search for boxes with a specific brand, size, price, etc. Most boxes are only available for same-day delivery and pickup. Walgreens also has other packaging supplies, such as lock tape.

Does Walgreens  Sell Shipping Boxes?

Yes, you can buy shipping boxes from Walgreens.

As of yet, they have small, medium, and large shipping boxes. These are priced between $2.49 – $4.00. These boxes can be used for mailing, shipping, storage, and moving.

Does Walgreens Sell Lunch Boxes?

Yes, Walgreens does have lunch boxes available in its stores and online. Additionally, they also have lunch bags and storage bags for kids.

Walgreens Lunch Boxes

Does Walgreens Sell Litter Boxes?

Yes, Walgreens has a wide range of litter boxes for sale. However, their stores have no litter boxes as of 2023.

Walgreens has a separate section for cat litter boxes. They stock different sizes of litter boxes. Hence, you can expect them to restock this product soon.

Does Walgreens Sell FedEx Boxes?

Yes, Walgreens has a separate corner for FedEx packaging and services. And packaging means standard boxes and other supplies included with FedEx.

The FedEx services are available in almost all Walgreen locations. You can pick up and drop off your packages at Walgreens via FedEx.

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Does Walgreens Sell Lock Boxes?

Yes, Walgreens sells several lock boxes. These include cash and pencil boxes of different sizes.

Generally, Walgreens offers lock boxes by Vaultz. These are very secure and can protect your valuable items.

Does Walgreens Sell Juice Boxes?

Yes, Walgreens has a wide range of juice drinks.

Most of them are available in boxes. For instance, one of the most popular options is Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch Juice Box.

Other than that, they also have Capri Sun Juice Drink Blend Fruit Punch. That said, you will also find various juice products in bottles too.


Hopefully, you will find the right boxes from Walgreens. Although they have some options, the selection won’t be broad.

Plus, these boxes might also not be capable of carrying heavier items. Why? Because they are sold at a pharmacy store and are not advertised as ‘premium’ boxes.

If you want high-quality boxes to fit your needs, you should opt for a home improvements store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Read our detailed blogs on What Kind of Boxes Does Home Depot Sell? and Can You Get Free Boxes From Lowes?

They have many packaging options, and most of them are positively reviewed. However, if you want a standard box to carry lightweight items, Walgreens will save you the trip.

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