Olaplex Collection at Ulta: All You Need to Know!

You may have noticed Olaplex popping up in the hair care aisle of major retailers in the US. But does Ulta sell Olaplex? And what is it, anyway?

Keep reading to learn more about this popular hair treatment.

Does Ulta Sell Olaplex

Does Ulta Sell Olaplex?

Yes, Ulta sells Olaplex products, but the selection is pretty limited.

You’ll be able to find the conditioner, shampoo, serum, and hair oil at Ulta. But there is not a huge variety to go.

However, this is still a great option if you want these particular items. Additionally, you can buy Olaplex from Sephora, Amazon, and from the brand’s website.

Olaplex Collection at Ulta Beauty

Some Other Queries Related to Ulta:

Is Olaplex Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Olaplex is cruelty-free.

They say they believe in compassionate care for all living creatures and do not test their products on animals.

In addition, the company is also committed to using only sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients in its products.

However, they have not been officially recognized as cruelty-free by any organization. So, always check the label before buying any of their products.

Is Olaplex Sulfate Free?

Yes, Olaplex is sulfate free. It’s also formaldehyde, ammonia, paraben, and gluten-free.

Olaplex is a bond multiplier that rebuilds the hair’s natural bonds, which can be damaged by color treatments, blow drying, and straightening.

Is Olaplex Good for Curly Hair?

Yes, Olaplex is definitely good for curly hair.

It helps to maintain the curl pattern while also repairing any damage that might have been caused by styling or heat treatment.

Some of the topmost Olaplex products for curly hair are:

  • Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector
  • Olaplex No. 6 Bond smoother

Is Olaplex Curly Girl Approved?

Partly yes, some of the products of Olaplex are curly girl approved.

Olaplex is a unique haircare product that helps to rebuild and strengthen hair, making it more resistant to breakage.

Two of Olaplex’s items are curly girl approved. These include:

  • OLAPLEX No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment
  • OLAPLEX No 3 Hair Perfector

Is Olaplex Color Safe?

Yes, Olaplex is color safe.

Olaplex helps maintain the hair shaft’s integrity during and after color services, preventing damage and breakage.

Olaplex No. 3, 4, and 5 are the safest among all the Olaplex products for colored hair.

Is Olaplex Vegan?

Yes, Olaplex is vegan because it is made with plant-based ingredients.

The active ingredient in Olaplex is derived from a plant, and the other ingredients are also vegan.

Is Olaplex Worth It?

Yes, Olaplex is worth your money. However, the experience with the brand can vary from person to person.

On the pro side, Olaplex can make your hair firmer, smoother, and silkier. It can also help to reduce breakage and frizz and make your hair color last longer.

On the other hand, Olaplex can be a bit expensive.

Finding a stylist who knows how to use it correctly can also be challenging. And if you’re not careful, it can make your hair feel greasy or weighed down.

The TL;DR:

This guideline concludes that Ulta sells the Olaplex. They may not have a vast selection, but you may get your desired things from their outlets.

Last but not least, Olaplex is considered pretty good for curly hair. Most of their products are chemical-free and non-toxic.

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