Does Tesco Sell Stamps in 2023? Variety+Price

Does Tesco Sell Stamps

Not many supermarkets can match the popularity level of Tesco. It is a one-stop shop for groceries, household essentials, food, beverages, and more.

Little do many people know that the supermarket chain sells more than just groceries.

Tesco is home to various products ranging in all categories. That leads to people asking questions about the popular chain. People often ask, does Tesco sell stamps? Let’s find out!

Does Tesco Sell Stamps?

Yes, Tesco does sell stamps. Several stamp packs are available to buy in stores and online.

Tesco sells stamps based on the pack size. Some contain 6 pieces, while others consist of 12.

You can read the number of stamps in the pack name or description. You can buy first-class and second-class postage stamps from Tesco.

That said, the availability and variety can vary from store to store. It is better to contact a Tesco location to inquire about stamps’ availability beforehand.

Do Tesco Offer Online Stamp Sales

Does Tesco Offer Stamps Online?

Yes, you can buy stamps online from Tesco. The delivery option is available for all stamp packs.

Nothing is better than buying a product from the comfort of your home. Luckily, Tesco allows customers to buy most products online.

It is one of the few supermarket chains that sell stamps online. Most retailers only sell this item in stores.

Does Tesco offer free delivery of UK postage stamps?

Unfortunately, Tesco does not offer free delivery. Although it delivers all across the UK, the charges are £4.50.

Regardless of the items you buy, you must pay the delivery charges. The price is constant for all products.

For many people, it can be quite expensive. The recommended method is to buy multiple items with stamps. Otherwise, delivery charges turn out to be higher than the actual price of a stamp pack.

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Which Stamp Packs are Offered by Tesco?

Tesco offers books of first-class and second-class postage stamps. The store also has large letter books of both classes of stamps.

Currently, there are 5 products available in the Tesco stamps category. These are books of 4 or 8 first and second-class stamps.

The prices can range from £3.80 to £7.60. These stamp packs are offered by Royal Mail at Tesco.  

Is Tesco a Cheaper Store to Buy Stamps Than Other Stores?

There is no difference in stamp prices at Tesco and other stores. However, purchasing online will include delivery charges, increasing the total amount.

Royal Mail is the most popular choice for buying stamps. They charge £1.45 for home delivery. On the other hand, Tesco charges £4.50.

Buying stamps online from Tesco can be quite expensive. The recommended practice is to buy this item in stores or purchase multiple products online.

Does the Tesco gas station carry stamps?

Yes, most Tesco gas stations do carry postage stamps in the UK.

But the availability can vary from station to station. You might not find stamps at some Tesco locations.

Generally, it is better to opt for the company’s supermarket instead of a gas station.

Do Supermarkets Sell Stamps?

Yes, you will find stamps in almost all supermarkets and grocery stores.

Besides Tesco, you will find stamps at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose. Local convenience stores and gas stations also carry this product.

Additionally, newsagents have a wide variety of stamps. For online purchasing, Amazon is the ideal option for postage supplies.

If none of these options seems feasible, you can buy directly from the Royal Mail. They allow buying stamps online with comparatively cheaper delivery charges.

To Conclude

Tesco, the beloved one-stop-shop for all things grocery, has added another item to their already impressive product lineup – stamps!

You can buy a book of up to 8 stamps. Tesco also stocks books of 12 pieces, although it is unavailable currently. Additionally, you can get stamps delivered to your doorstep.

While it may seem expensive to buy stamps online, you can shop for groceries too. That is the benefit Tesco has over Royal Mail. You can get multiple items from the comfort of your home at a fixed delivery fee.

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