Does Tesco Sell Printers in 2023? (FAQs + More)

Does Tesco Sell Printers

Do you shop for groceries from Tesco every month? Even regular customers do not know about the store’s entire catalog.

The popular supermarket chain carries products of all categories. You might be surprised that Tesco also carries computer hardware.

You will find the demanded input and output devices in the store. That leads to a frequently asked question: does Tesco sell printers? Here’s the truth!

Does Tesco Sell Printers?

Yes, Tesco does sell printers. Although the variety is not that wide, you can still find some popular options in the store.

Currently, Tesco has only 2 printers. You can buy them from the nearby supermarket or website. They are out of stock, but you can count on Tesco to bring them back soon.

Other than printers,  the store also carries multipurpose paper and sheets. You can buy them in different packs, containing 250 to 500 sheets.

What Printers Brand Does Tesco Sell

What Printers Brand Does Tesco Sell?

Tesco carries some of the most trusted printer brands, including Canon and HP.

You can get the HP DJ2630 printer from Tesco. It is the most popular option, with over 230 reviews. The other choice is the Canon MG3050.

As for printer paper, it is available in several brands. Tesco carries its own sheets as well as Navigator Universal.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Printer From Tesco?

The HP Deskjet 2630 printer costs £125.00 at Tesco. It comes with the Instant Ink 2-month trial.

On the other hand, the Canon MG3050 is a very cheap printer. You can get it for £30 from Tesco. It is not as feature-rich as the HP Deskjet printers. Hence, the lower price.

Note that none of these printers are in stock at Tesco. You can contact your nearest location to ask when these products will be back.

Are Tesco Printers Good Quality?

Yes, Tesco sells printers of some of the biggest brands like HP. So, you can rely on the store for a good-quality printer.

The Tesco website also helps customers in picking the right product. You can always check the reviews for each printer. It helps you decide which product customers like the most.

Moreover, Tesco does not feature expensive prices. Almost all items, including printers, are available at affordable rates.

Does Tesco Sell Printer Ink?

Yes, you can get printer ink cartridges from select Tesco locations.

You might not find printer ink at all Tesco supermarkets. They are not available as widely as printer paper sheets or other items.

However, the stores that do carry it sell the ink kits for £9.99.

Tesco Printer Ink

Does Tesco Sell Printer Paper?

Yes, you can buy printer paper from Tesco stores and online. This product is available under the “Stationary, Arts & Crafts” section.

Currently, Tesco is carrying 5 paper sheet packs. Their prices range from £4.20 to £5.50, depending on the number of papers.

You can get the A4 white paper, multipurpose presentation, and document sheets.

How Long Should a Printer Last?

A printer can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. It depends on how you use and maintain the device.

Printers can even last as long as 7 years if your usage is low. Many people do not use these devices that much. Therefore, they require less maintenance.

However, regular maintenance and care are required if you use your printers frequently. How do you know if your printer needs a replacement?

Well, poor-quality printing of images or text is the most common signal. If this issue continues, it is the right time to get a new printer.

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To Wrap Up

 Let’s get back to our original question. Does Tesco sell printers? Yes, it does. While the printers are out of stock at the supermarket, they will return soon.

You can always contact your nearest location and inquire about a product. The Tesco website helps you choose the right product by reviewing the description and reviews.

The good part is that most printers are also available for home delivery. So, you do not have to visit the supermarket at all. You can get the desired device delivered to your doorstep.

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