Does Tesco Express Sell Flowers? Types+Return Policy

Does Tesco Express Sell Flowers

Why do people buy flowers for most events? Because they make the perfect present for any day.

Whether a birthday or anniversary, a fresh flower bouquet will make for a top-tier surprise. Each bloom represents something different. So, choose carefully.

Where can you buy flowers? These are available in supermarkets. People often ask, does Tesco Express sell flowers? Let’s dig in!

Does Tesco Express Sell Flowers in 2023?

Yes, Tesco Express does sell flowers in its stores and online. You can view all the available blooms on the store’s website.

Tesco has various flowers as of 2023. You can view more than 58 options on the website or at any location.

The availability and variety can vary from store to store. The supermarket chain sells bouquets, vases, and individual blooms.

Tesco carries common and exotic flowers. The prices vary according to the type. Moreover, they also sell artificial blooms, which can be used for decoration purposes.

What Types of Flowers Do Tesco Sell

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What Types of Flowers Do Tesco Sell?

Tesco has a wide selection of blooms, including Lilies, Roses, Sunflowers, Carnations, Pampas, Posies, and Orchids.

You will find bouquets of different sizes at Tesco. They have roses of various colors, including white, red, orange, yellow, pink, etc. Artificial sunflowers and orchid stems are also available at the store.

But that’s not it. Tesco has artificial plants in pots. You can also get blends of several flowers, such as a bouquet of Roses and Lilies.

Do Tesco Petrol Stations Sell Flowers?

It depends on the Tesco petrol station. Most of them are part of the Express category. So, they will have flowers.

Most Tesco petrol stations carry almost the same products as a Tesco supermarket. That is why you will also find flowers.

However, some smaller gas stations may not carry blooms. It is best to contact the location beforehand.

Do Tesco Supermarkets Sell Flowers?

Yes, almost all Tesco supermarkets sell flowers. In fact, they carry an even wider variety of all products, including blooms.

Tesco supermarkets regularly stock most of their items. So, you can bet that you will get fresh flowers.

Plus, you will find a broader collection at a supermarket than at a Tesco Express location.

Where Do Tesco Flowers Come From?

Tesco gets its flowers from various places, including L&D flowers from South Lincolnshire.

The L&D flowers own huge farms. Their area consists of more than 3000 acres.

Additionally, Tesco also gets its blooms from the shores of Lake Naivasha. It is a freshwater lake where most of the store’s flowers are grown.

How Long Do Tesco Flowers Last?

Tesco claims their flowers last at least 7 days.

Many people have also reported the long lifespan of Tesco blooms for up to 14 days.

That is usually seen when you keep it in the right packaging. If the blooms are kept at room temperature, they can expire within 5-7 days.

You can use several methods to extend the lifespan of blooms. The most effective way is to add ¼ teaspoon of bleach to a vase of water. Put your flower stems in the vase, and you are all set!

Can You Return Tesco Flowers?

Yes, you can return flowers to Tesco.

This return is only available if you order flowers online. You can give the blooms back to the driver.

Tesco offers a refund if the flowers are not delivered in the right condition. The store also has a firm refund and return policy. You can give them back any item if you are unsatisfied.

Is It Worth Buying Flowers From Tesco?

Yes, It is definitely worth buying flowers from Tesco, considering the freshness of blooms and affordable prices.

You can always rely on Tesco for a decent flower selection. They carry both fresh and artificial blooms. Plus, you can get the desired ones delivered to your doorstep.

However, Tesco does not carry a lot of exotic flowers. You will need to opt for a florist for these.

Do Tesco Express Sell House Plants & Gardening Supplies?

Tesco Express only sells artificial house plants and pots. But, it does have some essential gardening supplies.

You can buy artificial pots from Tesco Express. They do not require a lot of care and make good decoration pieces. Various gardening tools are available at the store, including trays, gloves, and secateurs.

To Conclude

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on Tesco Express and its collection of flowers. The store carries fresh blooms that you can buy for any occasion.

These are available at Tesco supermarkets and gas stations too. If none of these options are feasible, you can order desired flowers online.

Additionally, Tesco has a return policy for flower orders, making it a worthwhile option for purchasing flowers.

Package the flowers correctly and keep them in the recommended environment. It will keep your blooms fresh for a long time.

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