Does Target Sell Watches in 2023? (All Queries Answered)

Does Target Sell Watches

Many people feel incomplete without a watch around their wrist. Even though you can view time on your smartphone, watches have their own fanbase. However, most watches are either too expensive or less accessible.

So, where to buy affordable watches? Well, you can head to your nearest Target store. So, does Target sell watches? Here’s a detailed answer!

Does Target Sell Watches?

Yes, Target does sell watches. You can buy men’s and women’s watches from various brands. Target has a variety of options, including dresses, leather, sports, gold, and casual watches.

Most watches are also available for free delivery and in-store pickup.

Does Target Sell Apple Watches?

Yes, you can buy Apple watches from Target stores. They have all models, including series 7, series 6, SE, and series 3.

You can compare the features of all Apple watches on the Target website. Additionally, they also sell Apple Watch accessories. That includes a charging cable, leather key ring, and bands.

Target also offers AppleCare+ services in its stores. It will also be available soon on the website.

Apple Watches at Target

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Does Target Sell Apple Watch Bands?

Yes, Target has an exciting library of Apple watch bands.

You can buy leather, stainless steel, snap-button, silicone, scrunchie, and printed bands for your Apple watch.

In terms of materials, Target offers rubber, leather, metal, nylon, polyester, nickel, acrylic, faux leather, plastic, and aluminum bands.

Does Target Sell G Shock Watches?

Yes, Target has a wide range of Casio G Shock watches for sale. You can buy it in a silver chain or a black sports strap.

Target also colorful bands and watches that resemble the signature G Shock design.

On top of that, you can buy compass watches from Target. These are all ideal for casual and sportswear.

Does Target Sell Timex Watches?

Yes, Target can save the day when it comes to Timex watches. That includes dress, expedition, essential 10-lap, digital, and slip-thru Timex watches.

You can view all Timex watch designs and colors on the Target website. They have designs for sports, casual wear, and classy watches that fit perfectly with suits.

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Does Target Sell Garmin Watches?

Yes, Target does have a large selection of Garmin smartwatches. Target has Garmin smartwatches for kids as well. These are available in many iconic designs, including Iron Man, Elsa, Princess Ariel, Star Wars, etc.

In addition to watches, Target also sells Garmin dashcams.

Does Target Sell Wrist Watch?

Yes, wristwatches are available at Target for sale. You can explore a large range of designs, colors, and brands for men’s and women’s wristwatches in Target stores and online.

Target also has options for kids. Furthermore, they also sell activity tracker wristbands and smartwatches.

Does Target Sell Casio Watches?

Yes, Casio is available in Target stores in all of its glory. You can buy Casio solar, digital, multi-task, sports, and bracelet watches.

As of yet, Target has over 20 different Casio watches.

Does Target Sell Seiko Watches?

Yes, Seiko watches are sold at Target.

But currently, they are out of stock from Target stores. However, Target also has self-adhesive labels available.

Does Target Sell Smart Watch?

Yes, Target does sell smartwatches. Currently, they have an ongoing sale on many smartwatches in Target stores.

Other than Apple, you can buy Samsung Galaxy, L.O.L, Letsfit, Garmin, Fitbit, and Amazfit smartwatches from Target.

They also sell multi-purpose fitness bands from popular brands.

Does Target Sell Watch Batteries?

Yes, Target sells watch batteries in its stores and online. The most popular ones are lithium batteries by Insten. These come in a pack of 5 coin cell batteries.

Note that Target does not replace watch batteries. For that, you will have to go to a local service provider.

Does Target Sell Watch Bands?

Yes, you can buy watch bands separately from Target. Currently, they have options for Apple, Fitbit, and Insten watches.

You can buy different styles and colors of bands and pair them with your watch to elevate the old look.


Target is home to some of the best watches you can find. Most of them are available at affordable prices. The price actually depends on the brand name.

Watches from popular brands are significantly costlier than lesser-known companies. However, you can buy smartwatches, sports watches, casual, dress, and fitness bands.

Additionally, Target also has all essential watch accessories. That includes batteries, cells, bands, and key lockers. In short, Target is a one-stop shop to fulfill your desired watch collection.

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