Does Target Sell Verizon Phones? Suitable Alternative

Does Target Sell Verizon Phones

Are you looking to buy Verizon phones from a local retailer? Lucky for you, many supermarkets may have the product you are looking for. At the same time, many huge supermarkets do not sell Verizon phones.

Target is often questioned in this matter. Some people claim that Target has Verizon phones, while many others say otherwise.

So, does Target sell Verizon phones? Let’s find out!

Does Target Sell Verizon Phones?

Unfortunately, Target has stopped selling Verizon wireless prepaid, postpaid phones since May 2020. Before 2020, Target used to stock Verizon phones in large quantities.

However, various sources and a Verizon spokesperson confirmed Target would no longer sell Verizon prepaid and postpaid phones and services.

Additionally, the Verizon Cell Phones page on the Target website is also blank, meaning there are no products to show.

Why Did Target Stop Selling Verizon Phones?

The main reason Target stopped selling Verizon phones was a loss. For Verizon, Target was one of the lowest sellers.

In simple words, it means that Target generated a very low or negligible profit for Verizon. In fact, Verizon confirmed that it costs them more to rent the display space in Target stores.

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What Other Stores Sell Verizon Phones?

Even though Verizon has pulled out its phones from Target, you can still buy them at Best Buy, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Other than that, you can head to an official Verizon retail store. They sell a wider variety of phones and services than third-party retailers.

Additionally, you will find many other Verizon Authorized Retailers throughout the US. For instance, the most popular retailers in New York are Mobile Guru, Your Wireless, and Cellular Sales.

Is Verizon a Good Brand?

Verizon has been considered the most reliable brand due to its data connections, calling, and overall performance.

Even for the newly launched 5G services, Verizon is considered the most reliable network in the US.

In short, yes. Verizon has gained mostly positive reviews and is a good brand.

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Can I Buy a Phone From Apple and Use It on Verizon?

Absolutely. You can use a new iPhone with Verizon cellular services. All you need is to ask the Apple store employees to activate the Verizon account on your device.

You can even save yourself from that hassle. Many people activate Verizon accounts on their own.

It is quite simple, and many online tutorials are available to help you.

Why is Verizon So Slow?

Although Verizon is considered very reliable in terms of speed, its speed has been a bit slow lately. That may be due to the increased demand and usage of data.

Verizon has increased its customers to win over its competitors, like Sprint and T-Mobile. In exchange, more data usage leads to slower speeds.

Another reason is that Verizon is more focused on its 5G services. Verizon has been declared the most reliable 5G network provider yet.

Other than that, network outages and allotted data limits can be why your Verizon services are slower.

Are Customers Happy With Verizon?

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Verizon is the leading industry in customer satisfaction.

However, Verizon has recently attracted many mixed reviews due to its slower speed.

Hence, you will find newer customers to be unhappy with Verizon. Besides that, Verizon has garnered a significant customer base over the years.


So, yes, Target did stop selling Verizon phones. It can be a downside for many people. That’s because almost everybody has a Target store nearby.

Buying a phone from there may have been convenient. But, it can also be seen as a plus point. It means Verizon focuses on its sales instead of just throwing its products into every popular retailer.

You can still find Verizon phones and services from its official stores.

In addition, they are also sold at Walmart, Best Buy, and many other popular stores. Thus, Verizon phones are still accessible to a larger audience.

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