Does Target Sell TracFone? All You Need to Know!

Does Target Sell TracFone

Target is home to many products. These range from grocery and food items to home appliances. But, can you buy mobile phones and cellular services from Target?

People often ask, does Target sell TracFone? No need to worry, as this guide will cover all you need to know!

Does Target Sell TracFone in 2023?

Yes, Target does sell TracFone. However, recently, they do not stock many products anymore. You will only find 2-3 TracFone products in Target stores.

Moreover, not all Target stores sell TracFone. The supermarket’s official website also does not show options for TracFone. It means you have to buy them via selected stores.

How to know if your nearest Target sells TracFone? Well, you can ask them via the contact number provided by the store locator.

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Tracfone at Target

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Are TracFone Being Discontinued?

Only the older models of TracFone have been discontinued from January 2022. These include old 3G devices, such as Jitterbugs and flip phones.

Moreover, TracFone has also discontinued its service plan. But, it will be available to use on VoLTE-ready phones. The TracFone is reported to get back in November 2024.

You can read more about this news on the TracFone official website. They plan to make some major network changes this year.

What Carrier Does TracFone Run on?

TracFone runs on 3 networks, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

TracFone has been a partner of Verizon for a long time. As reported, more than 13 million TracFone users are subscribed to the Verizon network.

That said, these 3 networks are among the most popular worldwide. And they are guaranteed to give excellent performances, including robust data connections and speed.

What Kind of Phones Does TracFone Sell?

TracFone sells prepaid smartphones, such as Moto E, LG Reflect, Samsung Galaxy A12, Moto G Play, Apple iPhone SE, etc.

Generally, Tracfone sells all the popular Android phones. However, they stock smartphones after some months of their official lunch.

TracFone also used to sell flip phones, but they are discontinued as of 2023.

Is There a Monthly Fee for TracFone?

You will have to pay a monthly fee if you purchase a service plan through TracFone. The amount depends on the chosen plan.  

You can view all the available plans on the TracFone website. These start from as low as $20. TracFone also allows you to use it without a contract plan.

What Happens When TracFone Runs Out of Data?

TracFone offers 2 options if a user runs out of data. They can buy more TracFone Airtime Card. Or, you can opt for Data Only Card.

Most people prefer to buy a new smartphone plan. It grants more data as well as text messages and calls balance.

Does Target Sell TracFone Cards?

Tracfone at Target

Yes, you can buy Tracfone phone cards from Target. As of yet, they have TracFone prepaid phone cards in selected stores.

Note that Tracfone cards are not available in all stores. You can contact the nearest Target location to confirm whether they have the TracFone prepaid cards or not.


And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on Target and TracFone. Yes, you can buy TracFone phones from Target. However, not all stores have them.

So, it’s an important point to remember when going to your nearest Target. Secondly, TracFone is discontinuing its older phones and services.

 It can also be another reason why many stores do not have TracFone products. But, you can always head to the official TracFone website to explore all the available options.

Select the one you want, and purchase it online. Overall, it is a much more convenient way to buy TracFone phones and services.

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