Does Target Sell Stamps? (Types, Cost + More)

does target sell stamps

Target is a store that many people visit on a regular basis. You can buy just about anything you need at the retail giant, but Does Target sell Stamps? Yes, It’s true!

In fact, if you need to purchase Stamps in a hurry, Target is a great place to go. 

They have a wide selection of Stamps to choose from, and you can usually find what you’re looking for. Also, purchasing Stamps from Target is quick and easy.

So if you’re looking for some new Stamps for your collection or need to mail a package soon, check out the Stamp section at Target. You won’t be disappointed!

Does Target Sell Stamps in 2023?

Yes, Target sells a variety of Stamps, including first-class Stamps, postcard Stamps, and international Stamps.

They also sell Stamp books, which are a great way to save money if you plan on sending a lot of mail.

The prices for Stamp books vary depending on the number of pages they have. Target also sells commemorative Stamps.

are stamps available at Target

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What types of Stamps are sold At Target?

Target sells a variety of Stamps, including:

  • First-class Stamps
  • Postcard Stamps
  • International Stamps
  • Forever Stamps
  • National Stamps

They also sell Stamp books, rolls, and coils, which are a great way to save money if you are a Stamp collection lover.

Being one of the most popular stores in America, it sells a wide range of Stamps. If you need to send a letter and don’t have any Stamps, be sure to head to Target.

You can buy them there in a variety of denominations. 

Does Target Ever Run Out Of Stamps?

Yes, Target runs out of Stamps occasionally.

But, it totally depends upon the type of Stamp, location of the store, time of year, and its demand in the market.

So, if you are planning to buy the Stamps from Target, it is better to confirm before visiting. 

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Target?

The prices for Stamps at Target vary depending on the number of pages and the type of Stamp you have selected.

However, its price ranges from $2 to $5. Postage Stamps at Target have the same price as at the post office.

As the Forever Stamps are only available in book and bulk form, so, it can cost you more than $10. Therefore, you need to check the type of Stamp and its price at the store before purchasing.

Does Target Customer Service Sell Stamps?

The answer to this question is yes! Target Customer Service does sell Stamps. It has a user-friendly Customer service desk that can help you purchase. 

You can find Stamps at the customer service desk in the back of the store.

If you do not get it there, you can ask them. They will provide you at once upon request.

Does Target Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, Target does sell Forever Stamps! Forever Stamps are not available as individual Stamps.

If you have planned to buy Forever Stamps from Target, keep in mind, they are only available in the book. So, you may need to pay $20 for a Forever Stamp book of 20 pages.

What Other Stores Sell Stamps?

 If you’re looking for other places to buy Stamps than Target, read our detailed articles on whether Costco sells stamps or Staples sells stamps.

However, consider the variation in the prices for Stamps as it varies depending on the retailer. 

You can also get the Stamps from pharmacies, including CVS and Walgreen. However, you can buy Stamps online at Walmart, Amazon, and eBay.

Does Target Sell Books Of Stamps?

Yes, Target does sell books of Stamps!

The prices for Stamp books vary depending upon the quantity, the number of pages, the design, and the type of Stamp.

The minimum 20 pages Stamp Book can cost you $11. It keeps increasing according to the pages and other related factors.

Customers can purchase these Books of Stamps at many of Target’s locations. But you can expect its shortage. Occasionally Stamps get short at Target.

Do Target Sell First Class Stamps?

Yes, Target does sell first-class Stamps.

It has two primary classes of Stamps at the store. First-class forever stamps and the First-Class Stamps.

Typically, only one First-Class Postage Stamp is enough for you to deliver a standard 1-ounce letter anywhere in the whole US.

 Can You Buy Stamps Online At Target?

Target does not sell Stamps online. However, you can purchase Stamps at your local Target store. But they are not available online at

In-store purchases may be made using national, worldwide, and different classes of Stamps, but Stamp purchases do not count toward Circle Reward Points.

 Where Are The Stamps Located In Target?

The Stamps are available at the Customer Service desks of Target. Most of the time, customers forget to buy the Stamps in the store.

So, to make it easy for them, Target has made the availability of the Stamps at the Customer Service desk. However, you can also request someone to work at the register.

Does Target Sell Postage Supplies?

Yes, Target sells a wide range of Postage Supplies.

Packaging materials, envelopes in various sizes, tape, pens, and labels are available at Target Stores. 

Packaging items may be purchased from the Target website, delivered to your home, or collected at the store.

You can enjoy free delivery on orders of more than $35.

What is Target’s Refund Policy For Stamps?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the unused Stamps to Target within 90 days for a full refund.

You just need to show your receipt at the counter, and you are good to go for exchanging or returning your Stamps.

However, Target has conditions that your Stamp needs to fulfill. Otherwise, you cannot make any exchange at the counter. Torn, opened, or any damaged Stamps are not entertained at Target.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in need of stamps for your mail, Target is the perfect one-stop shop. With a wide selection of first-class, postcard, international, forever, and national stamps, you’re sure to find what you need.

Plus, with the convenience of stamp books, rolls, and coils, you can save money and stock up on stamps in one quick trip.

However, don’t forget to confirm the availability of the stamps at your local Target store, as demand and supply can affect their stock levels.

Target is a great place to buy Stamps because they offer a wide variety of Stamps. You can purchase Stamps for first-class, international, or even regular Ones.

So, whenever you need to buy Stamps, just go ahead to Target and enjoy shopping for Stamps.

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