Does Target Sell Plants in 2023? (Price, Variety, & More)

Does Target Sell Plants

Are you in search of a Cactus for your garden? Or do you want to buy Aloe Vera to get homemade Aloe gel?

Well, we present to you America’s largest store, Target. We know you must be considering, “Does Target sell plants?” Why not try to find out the answer to this Blogspot? Let’s have a look.

Does Target Sell Plants?

Yes, Target sells plants. They can be found in the Lawn & Garden section.

Target houses a wide range of plants and flowers. You can find almost every common variety of plants at their outlets.

Other than live plants, they also sell:

  • Plant seeds
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Plant markers
  • Live herbs and grasses
  • Live fruits and flowers

You can also find accessories like pots at Target. The prices vary, but you can take advantage of their sales and clearance offers.

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What Kind of Plants Does Target Sell?

They have a large variety of plants at Target. You can choose from the following:

  • Abelia
  • Anemone
  • Blueberry
  • Cacti
  • Jasmine
  • Laurel
  • Maple
  • Olive
  • Palm
  • Purple Fountain Grass
  • Rosemary and many more

The list is too long to cover all the plant varieties here. You can check the Target site to know more about your favorite plant. Or visit your nearest Target store.

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Does Target Sell Outdoor Plants?

Yup, Target sells outdoor plants.

You can find them on their website or by browsing the plants section in their store. The following types of outdoor plants are present at Target:

  • Artificial Lavender Flowers
  • Emerald Green Plants
  • Costway Garden Vegetable Flower Plant
  • Holly Sky Pencil Plant
  • Nandina Fire Power Plant
  • Azalea Gumpo White Plant and others

The price per piece starts at $15 and varies with the plant.

Does Target Sell Live Plants?

Of course, Target sells live plants. In fact, they have a pretty large variety in this section.

Most of these live plants are brought from the National Plant Network. Target properly takes care of them so that you may not face any problems later.

The average price varies per plant species, but you can find a good live plant for as low as $8. Don’t forget to check the deals section.

Does Target Sell Aloe Vera Plants?

Target has Aloe Vera plants. These are present in the Lawn & Garden section.

They sell it in a bundle of 3 pieces. The current price per bundle is $30.49. However, you can save up to 5% by purchasing it via Target RedCard.

Does Target Sell Succulent Plants?

Yes, Target sells Succulent plants. LiveTrends sell these plants at Target.

The price per piece of Succulent plant is $20. At the same time, a pack of 2 and 3 plants is sold at $30 and $45.49, respectively.

You get this plant delivered to your home for $8. However, delivery is free for shopping over $35.

Does Target Sell Fake Plants?

Target Fake Plants

Yes, Target sells fake or artificial plants. In their outlets, there are more than 500 artificial plants available.

These plants are sold by Threshold and Health & Hand at Target. You can choose between colors and sizes of your own.

The prices start at $5 per plant and go up. Target has a few artificial plants on sale right now. Consider them to save your money.

What Month Should I Buy Plants?

September is considered the best month to buy plants as well as to save some money.

This month, sellers want to clear out their inventories for upcoming stock, so they often go on sales and clearance offers.

Similarly, some stores sell the plants cheaply during January and February after Christmas. This is again a good time to buy plants.


Here is the summary. Target sells a hell lot of plants both online and in-store. They offer almost every famous type of plant.

They have live and artificial plants. Similarly, you can also buy flowers, vegetables, and seeds at Target.

One more thing, the store has sales and clearance offers on selected plants throughout the year. So, next time you buy plants, put Target on your radar.

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