Does Target Sell MacBooks in 2023? Suitable Alternatives

Does Target Sell MacBook

Are you looking for cheap MacBooks and want to know if Target sells them? Mac users are never satisfied with their computers; they’re always searching for the latest and greatest gadgets.

Some insist that Apple products cost too much. So they take a look at other stores like Target, Walmart, and this new Amazon store everyone is talking about.

Target is an excellent store for many reasons: you can get everything from groceries to clothing, housewares, and pet supplies.

But are you aware that Target also sells Apple products? But does target sell MacBooks? To know this, let’s dive into it.

Does Target Sell MacBooks?

No, Target does not sell MacBooks. The reason is that Apple doesn’t make an affordable MacBook—unless you define reasonable as around $1,999.

They are costly to the consumer, and at this point, the market for these computers is saturated.

MacBooks are extremely expensive when compared to other options on the market. While a MacBook Air will cost upwards of $900 for the cheapest model.

Many other Windows notebooks can be purchased for less than half that price. While Apple’s products are of excellent quality, they are also costly.

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Why Doesn’t Target Sell MacBooks?

This is because Target caters to a different customer than Apple. Moreover, it does not have room on its shelves for MacBooks — it doesn’t have room in its budget for MacBooks.

Apple is all about design and luxury; Target is about value and convenience.

You don’t see Chanel bags at Target or Apple laptops there either because the two brands are entirely different products. Moreover, Target has utterly different target audiences.

Target stores are still known for their wide variety of products—everything from electronics to baby gear. Also, they attract people with different lifestyles with different needs and wants.

Are there any other Apple products Target sells?

Yes, almost every Target store has a dedicated Apple section with products for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, and other products

Yes, almost every Target store has a dedicated Apple section with products for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, and other products.

You’ll find accessories like the magnetic Lightning cable or leather case for your new iPad or a replacement power adapter for your iPhone.

In addition to these accessories, you can also purchase an Apple TV 4K or an iPod with various storage capacity options.

Regarding Mac computers and other non-Apple hardware and software, some stores carry them while others do not.

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Is It OK To Buy Apple Products From Target?

Yes, it’s good to buy Apple products from Target.

The store carries a wide variety of Apple products, including iPads, and iPods. While the Apple Store is the only place where you can find official Apple products, Target has its list of advantages for customers.

The main advantage of Target over the official Apple Store is that Target prices are generally lower than Apple Store prices.

In addition, some Target locations have an Apple-certified service center that provides in-house repairs for iPhones and iPads.

Is Target An Official Retailer For Apple?

Target sells Apple products, but it’s not an official retailer.

Some people have the impression that Apple has more control over Target’s inventory than is the case.

Others have found it strange that certain stores carry different versions of Apple products from other locations.

Target indeed carries a lot of Apple stuff—the company even launched a mini-site dedicated to selling Apple gear.

But Target is not on the same level as a store like the Apple Store, which operates via Apple’s direct order system.

That means that you won’t find the same products at two separate Target locations since stores can choose what they want to sell in their area.

Is Target Partnering With Apple?

As we all know, Target has a great partnership with Apple, and in February, they will expand it.

In 17 to 36 Target stores (depending on the region), they will have a new type of service: an Apple store.

Of course, this will feature Apple products, iPads, and iPhones available for purchase with only 20 percent down instead of the usual 30 percent. The first store is set to open in the first week of February.

This is an excellent move for both companies because it makes buying Apple products more convenient for Target customers.

Also, consumers can now have their phones or tablets shipped to their home addresses.

And for Apple, this helps them gain some traction in physical stores again after losing so much business from Amazon.

Does Target Do Apple Repair?

Yes, Target has a partnership with Apple, and if you’ve got an Apple device that needs repair. You can also take it to the retailer for an affordable fix.

The Target Tech Squad offers a two-year limited warranty for computers and tablets, including coverage for accidental damage.

If you don’t have your original receipt or Target can’t verify the purchase date, coverage is limited to 90 days from the date of service.

Repairs can be made at any of their more than 1,800 stores nationwide.

Bottom Line

When you think of a place where you might buy a Mac, Target may not be at the top of your list. However, Target’s prices may just fit the bill if you’re looking for a deal on a laptop.

You’ll need to compare the target laptop price to the current Apple Store price, but Target may offer some discounts that are hard to pass up.

For now, it seems that Target does not sell MacBooks. But as new models are released and more people are looking to buy them, perhaps things will change.

However, if you happen to be looking for one instead of an iPad, Target would probably be an excellent place to start your search.

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