Does Target Sell Lottery Tickets in 2023?

Does Target Sell Lottery Tickets

Do you want to try your luck with lottery tickets? That’s an excellent idea. But, where will you buy these tickets from? Don’t worry. Many popular supermarkets may have what you are seeking.

People usually go to Target in hopes of buying lottery tickets. So, does Target sell lottery tickets?

Let’s dig in!

Does Target Sell Lottery Tickets?

Yes, Target does sell lottery tickets in most locations. You can buy Mega millions and other tickets from Target stores.

Note that Target also sells state-specific lottery tickets. It means the variety and availability may vary from store to store.

How to Buy Lottery Tickets at Target?

To buy lottery tickets at Target, simply ask the employee at the customer service desk.

In most Target stores, the service desk is located at the entrance. You can find it with the “help desk sign.”

You can choose which lottery ticket you want to buy at the customer service desk. However, lottery tickets are only eligible for people over 18 age.

Generally, the Mega Millions tickets are available for $2. On the other hand, the price of state-specific lottery tickets may vary.

Some other stores to know where you can buy lottery tickets:

Does Target Sell Lottery Tickets in Florida?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets from Target stores in Florida. Like most other states, Target Florida allows Mega Million and state-level tickets.

Florida is a part of national lotteries. Plus, it also has its state lotteries. Hence, you can buy tickets in Florida from many retailers, including Target.

Does Target Sell Lottery Tickets in California?

Yes, Target does sell lottery tickets in California.

In fact, Target sells tickets in 50 states. That only excludes Utah, Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Other than these mentioned states, you can buy lottery tickets from all Target locations.

What Kinds of Lottery Tickets Does Target Sell?

Generally, Target sells 2 types of lottery tickets.

The first one is quite popular, Mega Millions. These are sold in all Target locations for only $2. Secondly, Target also sells state-specific lottery tickets.

If you have never participated in Mega Millions, it’s no different than Powerball. However, state-level lottery tickets may differ from state to state.

Can You Purchase Lottery Tickets Online?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets online. Many platforms offer this service, such as Play Now and The Lotter.

But, don’t expect supermarkets to offer lottery tickets online. Stores like Target only sell lottery tickets in their stores. Hence, you can only buy tickets online from other websites.

Other online lottery websites include Pennsylvania Lottery, Jackpocket, Michigan lottery, and Virginia lottery.

You can also find state-specific online lottery ticket providers. That’s because Mega Millions and other tickets are quite common and easy to find online.

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In short, yes. Target does sell lottery tickets. However, the variety isn’t as broad as you might expect.

Currently, they have only two types of lottery tickets in their stores. And they are sold exclusively in stores. Thus, you can not buy them online.

Head to your nearest Target customer service desk to grab desired lottery tickets. But first, make sure whether they have tickets or not.

You can do so by contacting them via phone number. The contact information can be easily achieved via the Target store locator.

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