Does Target Sell Flowers in 2023? Variety+Return Policy

Does Target Sell Flowers

Are you planning your Valentine’s day or anniversary? Then, don’t forget to add flowers to the list.

They make an exceptional present for all special occasions. However, buying fresh blooms is quite a hectic task.

Don’t worry. You can always head to your nearest supermarkets. Many of them do keep flowers in stores. People frequently ask, does Target sell flowers? Well, let’s find out!

Does Target Sell Flowers?

Yes, Target does sell flowers. You can buy a variety of flowers from Target, including Mandara Electric Macrantha, Rosebud Azalea, Red Ruffle Azalea, Girard Crimson, and Coral Bell blooms.

Keep in mind that most flowers are not available in stores. Hence, you have to order them online.

Why? That’s because Target likes to maintain freshness. Therefore, they deliver directly from the suppliers.

That said, Target has tons of options to choose from. Currently, you can explore and buy from more than 68 available options on the Target website.

What Kind of Flowers Does Target Sell

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What Kind of Flowers Does Target Sell?

As of yet, Target offers Camellia, Jasmine, Windflower Mix, Salvia, Muscari, Coral Bells, Roses, Persian Shield, and Poinsettia flowers.

You can view them based on colors if you do not know much about flower types.

Target’s official website allows you to narrow your search by sorting pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, off-white, white, and multicolored blooms.

Does Target Have Fresh Flowers?

Yes, Target has a separate section dedicated to fresh flowers. You can view them under the Produce section.

Target has over 70 different fresh flowers available for sale. Some of these are available with container plants.

On the other hand, many blooms are sold without containers.

Does Target Sell Fresh Cut Flowers?

Yes, you can buy fresh-cut flowers from Target.

The Super Targets carry a wide selection of fresh-cut flowers, and some of them even have a separate floral section.

You may also want to know if Albertsons sells fresh flowers or whether Amazon sells fresh flowers.

Does Target Have Flowers for Mother’s Day?

Yes, Target does offer Mother’s day ideas. That includes some of the most beautiful fresh-cut flowers.

But, Mother’s day flowers come in stock when the occasion is nearby. Hence, you will not find them as of right now.

Does Target Sell Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Yes, Target celebrates Valentine’s Day in all of its glory. You will find flowers, pillows, and many other gifts for this special day.

Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day flowers are stocked when the day is around the corner. You might not find these blooms during other months.

Target stocks premium red roses bouquets for Valentine’s Day, which are not sold any other time of the year.

However, other Valentine’s Day gifts are available for sale at Target.

Does Target Deliver Flowers?

Yes, Target does deliver flowers. In fact, most of them are not available for in-store shopping. You can see that option under the flower name on the Target website.

Some flowers are available for free delivery, while others require a specific shipment fee. Either way, you can buy flowers from Target from the comfort of your home.

Does Target Sell Potted Flowers?

Yes, you can buy Potted Flowers from Target.

Target has a wide range of live houseplants. Some fresh flowers come in containers.

But, you can also buy the pots separately. Target regularly stocks houseplants in stores. Therefore, you will find new and fresh options.

You can buy palm, bonsai, and mini plants. These are available with fresh as well as artificial blooms.

Can You Return Target Flowers?

Yes, Target’s return policy allows the return of flowers purchased in-store or online within 90 days of the purchase date.

This applies to artificial, fresh-cut, and potted flowers. You should carry the receipt or proof of purchase to facilitate the return process.

Final Words

Target is a great option for those looking to buy flowers. The store offers a wide variety of fresh-cut and potted flowers and options for delivery.

These plants can be used for home décor as well. You can put them outside or indoors to elevate the house’s appearance. Moreover, the fresh blooms from Target make perfect gifts.

You can present them to your loved ones on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

The potted flowers from Target also make for cute and memorable gifts.

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