Does Target Sell Clothes in 2023? Variety+Brands

Clothes aren’t just for luxury. They help you design your unique style. But where can you find a large variety of clothes? You will come across many popular but expensive clothing brands. 

Luckily, supermarkets also stock clothes and sell them for affordable prices. Many people ask, does Target sell clothes?

Let’s find out in this detailed guide!

Does Target Sell Clothes

Does Target Sell Clothes?

Yes, Target does sell clothes in its stores and online. On the Target website, you can view all the new arrivals, activewear, young adult clothing, tops, and bottoms. 

Target has a wide range of brands for clothing. Thus, you will always find budget-friendly options.

The Target catalog of clothes includes t-shirts, tanks, sandals, hats, shirts, shorts, swimsuits, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, robes, suits, undershirts, shoes, socks, underwear, and accessories.

You will also find limited-time deals and discounted offers on many clothing articles at Target.

Where Do Target’s Clothes Come From?

Target’s clothes come from several private labels around the world. Most of its clothing products are made in Uttar Pradesh, India, by Randik. 

Target isn’t the only retailer to buy clothes from Randik. They make and sell clothes to various popular retailers and brands. 

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Does Target Sell Men’s Clothes?

Yes, Target has a wide variety of men’s clothes. Currently, they have an ongoing 25% off sale on All In Motion and Goodfellow & Co. men’s basics.

From men’s underwear, shoes, and socks to full suits, jackets, and sweatshirts, Target has everything.

You can save money when buying men’s clothing at Target with weekly ads, RedCard, and Target Circle Offers.

Target also sells men’s clothing accessories, including belts, handkerchief sets, gloves, caps, bags, sunglasses, watches, and face masks.

Does Target Have Good Clothes?

Yes, Target does have decent-quality clothes in its stores. It’s hard to find high-quality at the low prices that Target offers.

However, Target’s clothes quality isn’t the best. Many brands and stores sell better clothing products. Target’s clothing is often compared to Walmart’s and Costco’s. 

In short, you can buy casual wear, swimsuit, formal wear, and trendy clothes from Target at reasonable prices.

Does Target Have Good Clothes

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Does Target Sell Nike Clothes?

Unfortunately, Target does not sell Nike clothes and products anymore. That is why you will find zero Nike products on the Target website. 

Recently, Nike has decided to remove its stock from many retailers. The brand wants to promote its own stores and website. That means Target and many other stores no longer have Nike clothing.

However, you will find other fitness brands in Target. These include Reebok, All In Motion, and ASICS.

Does Target Sell Preemie Clothes?

Yes, you can buy Preemie clothes from Target. 

Target has a wide range of Preemie newborn girl and boy clothes. They also have micro Preemie clothing in stores and online.

Additionally, Target includes gender-neutral onesies and bodysuits for newborn babies. 

Does Target Sell Gerber Baby Clothes?

Yes, Gerber baby clothes are available at Target for sale.

You can buy Gerber pull-on pants, long sleeves, onesies, bodysuits, and many other color options for your little ones. 

Does Target Sell Maternity Clothes?

Yes, Target does have maternity clothes in all of its stores.

These include maternity belly bands, dresses, intimates, jeans, pajamas, pants, shorts, activewear, leggings, swimsuits, tops, and sweaters.

Some of Target’s most popular brands, such as Isabel, the Nines, offer Maternity clothes. Additionally, you can buy baby clothing and baby registry at Target stores.


Needless to say, Target has all the clothing products you will expect. If you have an event to attend, you can quickly visit Target and buy suitable clothes.

Even better, many clothes and accessories are available for shipping. Hence, you can order them online and receive them at your doorstep. 

Another thing to consider is that Target’s clothing is quite affordable. Almost all clothes are comparatively cheaper than most other retailers.

Moreover, you will find many familiar brands at Target, including Reebok, Gerber, All In Motion, and Goodfellow & Co. 

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