Does Target Cash Checks in 2023? (Common FAQs)

No, Target does not cash checks. You can use this payment method for your purchases at all locations. However, the cashing facility is not available at grocery stores or supermarkets.

You have to opt for an approved financial institution for this service. Let’s look at everything you need to know regarding this matter.

Does Target Cash Checks

Does Target Use Telecheck or Certegy?

Yes, most Target stores accept Certegy for payments. You can use them in almost all locations. The same can be said for Telecheck.

It is important to note that Telecheck is not as widely available as Certegy in Target stores. Plus, the availability can vary from store to store.

Many locations may not allow these services due to reasons like unpaid debts or adverse history.

It is better to contact your local Target store beforehand. You can inquire about Certegy or Telecheck without making the trip.

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Does Target Take Checks?

Yes, Target accepts a variety of payment methods, and checks are on the list.

You can use personal checks during checkout at almost all Target stores.

Most locations accept this payment method, along with Target RedCard, third-party debit or credit cards, Affirm, Sezzle, gift cards, PayPal, and installment plans (Klarna and Afterpay).

Does Target take Checks

What Types of Checks Does Target Accept?

Generally, Target only accepts personal checks.

It is better to be equipped with personal checks at Target checkout. The store does not take foreign or business checks.

Some locations may accept business checks. But there are additional steps with this payment option.

Also, checks can only be used when shopping in-store at Target. You can not use it for shopping online.

What if Target Declines My Check?

If Certegy declines your check at Target, you can contact them at 1-(800) 237-3826.

There could be several reasons Target can decline your check. In that case, you can contact the store’s customer service team.

If it is rejected by Certegy, you can contact them at the given number. They will try to solve the issue and explain why the payment did not work.

Certegy also has a lookup service for declined transactions. You can use it free online to get a clearer picture. Target also has a dedicated customer line for all payment issues.

You can contact the store at 1-800-591-3869. It works for all payment options, including checks, debit, credit, and gift cards.

Does Target Do Background Checks?

Yes, Target does background checks before hiring an individual.

The background check is nothing to worry about. Target does hire people as long as they are not convicted of a crime.

This process takes place after the interview. It is the last step before hiring an individual.

Do Target Cash Payroll Checks?

No, Target does not cash payroll checks. In fact, the store does not offer any financial services like cashing.

The store does not cash personal, foreign, business, or payroll checks. You can get your checks cashed from a financial service provider.

Target is restricted in terms of financial services. The store can only accept cash as a payment method.

Can I Use Business Checks at Target?

Business checks are not accepted in most Target stores.

You can not use business checks while shopping only at Target, like all other checks. These are also not accepted in most stores. The store chain only accepts personal checks as a payment method.

Does Target Accept Personal Checks?

 Yes, you can use personal checks as a payment method in almost all Target stores.

Note that this payment option is only available for shopping in stores. Target does not accept personal or any other type of checks online.

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To Summarize

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on check acceptance at Target. The store accepts this payment method. It is listed on Target’s official website.

But you can not use it online. It can be a bummer to know that you can not cash your checks at the store. Some grocery stores do offer this service, like Walmart.

But it is better to go to the issuing bank. You can also opt for local credit unions or gas stations for cashing your checks. That said, the availability can vary depending on where you live.

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