Does Starbucks Take American Express? & How to Use it?

Does Starbucks Take American Express

Yes, American Express cards are accepted at Starbucks. You can use this option during checkout.

It is also listed as one of the accepted payment methods on the Starbucks website. American Express credit cards can be used on the Starbucks app too.

Starbucks accepts all major credit cards. That includes Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.

Along with its signature beverages, payment methods also make Starbucks a household name. But how do you use the American Express card at the coffeehouse chain? Here’s all you need to know!

What Starbucks Locations Take American Express?

American Express cards work at almost all Starbucks locations. If a coffeehouse accepts credit cards, it will also take this payment method.

Debit and credit cards are some of the most popular payment methods. Plus, American Express is one of the biggest names in this category. It is only fair for Starbucks to accept this option at all of its locations.

Not only that, but you can also use your American Express card online on the Starbucks app. It can be saved once, and you can use it every time you place an order.

How to Use American Express at Starbucks?

You can use your American Express card by presenting it during the checkout at Starbucks.

All you need is to carry your American Express card with you when dining or purchasing at Starbucks. After that, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Checkout desk.
  • Present your American Express card when asked.
  • Tap it on the card reader.
  • You will be prompted once the payment is made.

Using it on the Starbucks app is also very straightforward. American Express card can be selected as a payment method from the checkout screen.

How Do I Add an American Express Gift Card to My Starbucks App?

You can add your American Express gift card to your Starbucks app by linking it and reloading it.

AMEX gift cards can be easily added to the Starbucks app. Here’s how:

  • Open your Starbucks application.
  • Tap on the Cards tab, and select “Add Money.”
  • Enter your American Express gift card information (the 8-digit code).
  • You can now reload its amount by selecting the desired number.

Now, it will be available on the application as a payment method during checkout.

Can I Link American Express to the Starbucks App?

Yes, you can link American Express to the Starbucks application.

It is the same as adding any other card on the Starbucks app. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Starbucks application and go to Settings.
  • Tap on “Add Payment” under the Account tab.
  • Select the American Express credit card and enter its information.
  • Now, you will see it during checkout.

The Starbucks Rewards Program

As a regular Starbucks customer, I strongly suggest signing up for the Starbucks Rewards program. Not only does it give a convenient method of payment for my purchases, but it also provides a range of additional bonuses and privileges.

Easy and Convenient Payment

With the Starbucks Rewards program, I can easily pay for my drinks and food using my registered Starbucks card or the Starbucks app on my phone. This saves me time and hassle compared to traditional payment methods, and I always have to remember my wallet or cash.

Rewards and Perks

The program offers rewards and perks for frequent customers like myself. For every purchase I make using my registered card or app, I earn stars that can be redeemed for free food and drinks. I also receive exclusive offers, discounts, and a free birthday treat.

Customization and Personalization

The Starbucks app allows me to customize and personalize my orders, which is especially helpful during busy hours. I can also view my purchase history, track my rewards, and receive notifications about the latest promotions and offers.

Overall, the Starbucks Rewards program offers a convenient and rewarding experience for any Starbucks customer. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a regular customer, enrolling in the program is an easy and beneficial choice.

What Are the Benefits of American Express at Starbucks?

Starbucks benefits its customers when paying with American Express by offering 10% of the in-store purchase as a statement credit.

Such offers can be seen on the Starbucks application. You can also view new rewards with AMEX gift cards or credit cards. It keeps adding new stores and diners.

Additionally, the American Express card is very convenient to use. It is available in all Starbucks locations as well as online. You can add it to the coffeehouse’s mobile application.

Paying with it is also quite simple. Tap on the card reader or select it during the checkout, and you are all set!

Is American Express Acceptable at Drive-throughs?

Yes, American Express is acceptable at most drive-throughs.

You can use American Express cards at most retailers. Not only is it available for in-store and online purchases, but you can also opt for it at drive-throughs.

Popular names, like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Starbucks, accept this payment method. Tap it on the reader at the drive-through when asked for payment. And you can enjoy your meal!

What Items Can You Buy With American Express?

You can use American Express to buy clothing, appliances, electronics, gadgets, household essentials, groceries, foods, beverages, footwear, and more.

American Express is one of the most popular credit card providers. Hence, you can use it to buy services as well. The company has a detailed section on its website about “What Should I Use My Credit Card For?

In short, American Express can be used to pay for merchandise of all categories. Almost any store that accepts card payments will also take American Express.

But it is a good idea to check the retailer’s availability beforehand. Some local stores may not have this payment method.

What other payment methods does Starbucks accept? Let’s check out!

Final Thoughts

American Express cards are widely accepted at Starbucks, both in-store and through the Starbucks app. Linking an American Express card to the app allows for easy and convenient payment options and rewards and benefits associated with using it.

American Express is also accepted at drive-throughs and can be used to purchase various items from various retailers. Whether in-store or online, paying with American Express is simple, making it a popular choice for many consumers.

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