Does Starbucks Have Lactose Free Milk?

There are many lactose-intolerant people. But, they are still willing to give Starbucks a try. Why? Because Starbucks has a wide range of coffee and non-coffee beverages that appeal to everyone.

But, the real question remains, does Starbucks have lactose-free milk? No need to worry. This guide will give you all the answers you need.

Let’s get started!

Does Starbucks Have Lactose Free Milk?

Does Starbucks Have Lactose Free Milk

Yes, Starbucks does have lactose-free milk options available, including almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk. Customers can also customize their coffee and non-coffee beverages with lactose-free milk.

Additionally, Starbucks also has a variety of lactose-free drinks available on the menu, such as Iced Pineapple Matcha, Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew, and more.

What Drinks At Starbucks Are Lactose-Free?

Many lactose-free drinks are available at Starbucks, including Iced Pineapple Matcha, Honey Almondmilk Cold Brew, Honey Almondmilk Flat White, Iced Guava Passionfruit, and more.

Other than the ones mentioned above, here are some other dairy-free options at Starbucks:

  • Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat White
  • Honey Almondmilk Nitro Cold Brew
  • Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso
  • Pink Drink
  • Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso
  • Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte
  • Star Drink
  • Dragon Drink
  • Violet Drink

Additionally, you can also customize all cappuccinos, iced lattes, and iced coffees with lactose-free milk.

What Types of Milk Does Starbucks Have?

Starbucks offers different types of milk, including 2%, breve, whole, oat, soy, almond, non-fat, and heavy cream.

Most Starbucks coffees and beverages can be customized with your choice of milk.

Does Starbucks Have Unsweetened Milk Alternatives?

Yes, you can buy unsweetened milk alternatives at Starbucks.

Almond milk contains all-natural flavors without any added ingredients. Furthermore, all non-dairy drinks are made with unsweetened milk.

Is Nonfat Milk Lactose-free?

No, removing fat from whole milk does not make it lactose-free.

Therefore, non-fat and lactose-free milk are two different types. A cup of non-fat milk still contains about 12 grams of lactose.

Let us explain in simple words. Lactose is a sugar in milk. It is not fat.

Thus, it can not be removed from the whole milk. If you are lactose intolerant, non-fat milk is still as harmful to you as whole milk.

Does Starbucks Have Dairy-Free Milk?

Yes, all Starbucks outlets throughout the US have dairy-free milk options. These include coconut, almond, oat, breve, and soy milk.

Does Starbucks Have Non-dairy Cream?

Yes, Starbucks does have non-dairy creamers available in all of its outlets.

These include Hazelnut and Caramel creamers. You can use them for topping on all Starbucks coffee and non-coffee beverages.

Does Starbucks Charge for Non-dairy Milk?

Yes, there is an extra cost for non-dairy milk. However, it is not that high.

Almond, coconut, soy, and oat milk cost 70 cents per serving. But, this price can vary in some locations, like New York City.

Is a Starbucks Oat Milk Latte Dairy-free?

Yes, the Oat Milk latte is a part of the Starbucks dairy-free menu. It can be served in almond and oat milk. However, you have to pay extra charges for that.

Additionally, there are many other dairy-free options available at Starbucks.

Final Worlds

Considering Starbucks has made a huge name, it’s no wonder they have added milk options for everyone.

Now, you can enjoy the amazing drinks at Starbucks, even if you are lactose intolerant. They have a wide variety of milk available at all locations.

You can customize any given drink with these options and still enjoy the signature Starbucks taste. Serving non-dairy milk drinks is a good initiative that all stores should take.

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