Does Starbucks Have Cookies? Variety, Taste, & FAQs

Does Starbucks Have Cookies

Cookies are the perfect snacks. Whether with tea, milk, or coffee, they taste great. That is why you will find many people craving delicious cookies. But, they are not found everywhere.

When it comes to snacks and beverages, Starbucks is the giant. That leads to many people asking, does Starbucks have cookies?

Let’s find out in this article!

Does Starbucks Have Cookies?

Yes, Starbucks does have a variety of cookies available for purchase. Some of the options include chocolate chip, shortbread, vanilla biscotti with almonds, madeleines, honey and oat waffles, dark chocolate Grahams, peanut butter cups, confetti sugar cookies, heart sugar cookies, and soft oatmeal raisin cookies.

Starbucks cookies are known for their unique texture, which is both chewy and crunchy. They are also made with the special dough by Fujiya and Michel et Augustin. Customers can choose to have their cookies warmed upon request.

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Availability of Cookies at Starbucks

Good news – Starbucks does have cookies! You can choose from various flavors: chocolate chip, shortbread, and vanilla biscotti with almonds. You can also opt to have your cookies warmed up for an extra cozy treat.

Some other Starbucks-related queries you may like to know:

Variety of Cookies at Starbucks

In addition to the classic chocolate chip and shortbread cookies, Starbucks offers a range of other biscotti and cookies on its menu.

These include madeleines, honey and oat waffles, and dark chocolate Grahams. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, don’t miss the Confetti Sugar Cookie or Heart Sugar Cookie.

What Kind Of Cookies Do They Have at Starbucks?

A wide range of cookies is available at Starbucks, including chocolate chip and shortbread cookies.

Additionally, Starbucks has several other options in its biscotti and cookies menu.

That includes vanilla biscotti with almonds, regular madeleines, dipped madeleines, honey and oat waffles, and dark chocolate Grahams.

Why Are Starbucks Cookies So Good?

Are Starbucks Cookies Good

What makes Starbucks cookies stand out from the rest? It’s all about the unique texture – these cookies have a chewy and crunchy exterior but are soft inside. Plus, the chocolate chip cookies have a caramelized flavor in the dough that sets them apart from other cookies.

Does Starbucks Have Peanut Butter Cookies?

Yes, Starbucks does have peanut butter cookies. They are mentioned on the menu as “Peanut Butter Cups.”

The peanut butter cookies from Starbucks are actually quick rich, and heavy, considering most people buy them for snacks.

Each cookie contains around 360 calories, making it perfect for breakfast and evening snacks.

Does Starbucks Have Sugar Cookies?

Yes, you can buy sugar cookies from Starbucks. They have “Confetti Sugar Cookie” and “Heart Sugar Cookie” on their menu.

The confetti sugar cookie is coated with sugar sprinkles and half-dipped in white chocolate.

Hence, you get two different flavors while eating it. But, make sure to not each of them too much because a single sugar cookie contains 410 calories.

Does Starbucks Have Raisin Cookies?

Yes, there is one raisin cookie type available at Starbucks. You can order it as “Soft Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.”

These are less crunchier than chocolate chip cookies. However, they have the signature Starbucks chewy texture and are comparatively healthier.

Where Does Starbucks Get Their Cookies From?

Starbucks cookies are made by Fujiya. However, they are different from ordinary Fujiya cookies. That’s because the company uses special dough to make cookies for Starbucks.

Starbucks recently signed a deal with French cookie chef Michel et Augustin.

These cookies were highly admired by customers. Hence, they were rolled into more than 7600 locations of Starbucks throughout the U.S.

How Much Is the Chocolate Chip Cookie at Starbucks?

Currently, the most popular chocolate chip cookie costs $1.95 at Starbucks. Most other cookies are also available in the same price range.

However, the prices may vary from store to store. Also, some richer cookies may cost higher as they require more ingredients.

Are Starbucks Cookies Gluten-Free?

Most Starbucks locations do have gluten-free cookies.

These are packaged and labeled as gluten-free. But they are not available in all locations.

You can contact your nearest Starbucks outlet to find out whether they have gluten-free cookies or not. If not, you can enjoy Kind bars available at all stores.

Final Words

Starbucks does offer a variety of cookies on its menu. These include chocolate chip, shortbread, vanilla biscotti with almonds, madeleines, honey and oat waffles, dark chocolate Grahams, peanut butter cups, confetti sugar cookies, heart sugar cookies, and soft oatmeal raisin cookies.

These cookies are known for their unique chewy and crunchy texture; some are infused with flavors like caramel and white chocolate. Starbucks sources its cookies from Fujiya and Michel et Augustin, and they can be ordered either warmed or at room temperature.

Customers can choose from a range of flavors to satisfy their sweet cravings, whether they are looking for a quick snack or a dessert to go with their coffee.

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